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stockmovr20.0.+1.6.0chg = V20 compatibility
rmindr20.0.+1.13.0chg = 20.0 compatibility
fix = add full link on mail
projectbudget20.0.+1.9.0inf = V20 compatibility
portofolio20.0.+1.20.0chg = V 20 Compatibility
myschedule20.0.+1.8.0inf = V20 compatibility
mydiscount20.0.+1.8.0inf = V20 Compatibility
moreholiday20.0.+1.1.0inf = V20 compatibility
add = highlight current day cols
add = user are ordered by name
add = leave blocks are hidden on public holidays
morefield20.0.+1.1.0inf = V19 and 20 comptatibility
moreactionlist20.0.+1.1.0inf = V20 compatibility
matchr20.0.+1.12.0chg = V20 compatibility
localise20.0.+1.12.0chg = 20.0 Compatibility
fix = error on create object
listgpt20.0.+1.3.0inf = V20 compatibility
forecast20.0.+1.2.0chg = V20 Compatibility
extralist20.0.+2.1.0chg = V20 compatibility
dolitweak20.0.+1.4.0inf = V20 compatibility
customtooltip20.0.+1.14.0chg = V20 compatibility
customproduct20.0.+3.1.0inf = V20 Compatibility
fix = error on calculate amount
coefpricr20.0.+1.14.0chg = 20.0 compatibility
bomgenerator20.0.+1.4.0inf = V20 compatibility
activity20.0.+1.1.0inf = V 20 compatibiliy
add = add some link on customer list
customproduct19.0.+3.0.1add = Line Option prefix are now configurable
add = allow html for text description
myfield19.0.+3.3.2fix = apply action on first table cols if no context
add = improves list field selection
moreholiday19.0.+1.0.0inf = Initial version
customtabs19.0.+3.6.4add = Arrange linked documents on 2 cols
add = display customtabs nb fields on list
add = new orderby fields for ordering customTabs list
stockmovr19.0.+1.5.0chg = V18 and 19 compatibility
portofolio19.0.+1.19.0chg = V 18 and 19.0 Compatibility
myfield19.0.+3.3.1fix = manage fields with span balise
add = display info on list if user have specific right
localise19.0.+1.11.0chg = 19.0 Compatibility
customtabs19.0.+3.6.3add = use fk_element with computedfields to get id of element
activity19.0.+1.0.1fix = no line if no bank account selected
add = new box : cumuled graph account
add = new box : New members by Quarter
myschedule19.0.+1.7.1chg = categorie fichinter feature for V20
extralist19.0.+2.0.0add = highlight lines according to criteria
chg = hide zero value on index page
chg = look and feel index page
equipement19.0.+3.4.1add = Add Category Feature on Equipement
fix = finish consumption end of life
fix = correct some other bug as usual
customtabs19.0.+3.6.2fix = fix link fields problem on V19
customproduct19.0.+3.0.0add = CustomProduct work on native POS
activity19.0.+1.0.0inf = First Release
rmindr19.0.+1.12.1fix = emailing way
moreactionlist19.0.+1.0.0inf = Initial version
forecast19.0.+1.1.0chg = V19 Compatibility
chg = Better card ergonomy
add = new correlate line
customtooltip19.0.+1.13.0chg = V19 compatibility
bomgenerator19.0.+1.3.0inf = V19 compatibility
equipement19.0.+3.4.0chg = V19 compatibility
add = new tabs event on product
fix = correct bugfix on event
add = add some hook on list
customtabs19.0.+3.6.1fix = mandatory fields not tested on subMenuList
add = computed fields work on list
add = totalized fields work on list
fix = fix bad info on menu_card
coefpricr19.0.+1.13.0chg = 19.0 compatibility
rmindr19.0.+1.12.0chg = 19.0 compatibility
projectbudget19.0.+1.8.0inf = V18-19 compatibility
mylist19.0.+4.6.0chg = V19 compatibility
fix = filter on pdf print work
fix = better pdf line height management
add = new tabs proposal, order and invoice
myfield19.0.+3.3.0inf = 19 compatibility
chg = enhance minimise button feature
listgpt19.0.+1.2.0inf = V19 compatibility
add = Add error message if query fail
dolitweak19.0.+1.3.1add = show left menu selected
customtabs19.0.+3.6.0chg = 19.0 Compatibility
add = generate pdf annex from list
customproduct19.0.+2.3.0inf = V19 Compatibility
fix = clonning feature error on action
fix = duplicate line on multiselect
myschedule19.0.+1.7.0inf = V19 compatibility
add = add categorie fichinter feature
fix = bad title on new fichinter
myfield18.0.+3.2.1add = add fontawesome icon on field
fix = column fields not hidden properly
mydiscount19.0.+1.7.0inf = V18, V19 Compatibility
extralist19.0.+1.2.0chg = V19 compatibility
equipement18.0.+3.3.1fix = some little bugfix as usual
dolitweak19.0.+1.3.0inf = V19 compatibility
forecast18.0.+1.0.0add = First Version
rmindr18.0.+1.11.0chg = 18.0 compatibility
myschedule18.0.+1.6.1fix = project selection not displayed
mydoliboard18.0.+3.10.0chg = V17 and V18 comptability
fix = Correct category filter on report
myclock18.0.+3.11.1add = Display Small Second
fix = Better Big Date Display
management18.0.+2.18.0chg = V18 Compatibility
localise18.0.+1.10.0chg = 18.0 Compatibility
listgpt18.0.+1.1.0inf = V18 compatibility
factory18.0.+3.3.0chg = 18.0 compatibility
fix = changeprice menu not displayed
customtooltip18.0.+1.12.0chg = V18 compatibility
customtabs18.0.+3.5.1fix = sub menu tabs collector not actived
customproduct18.0.+2.2.0inf = V18 Compatibility
myclock18.0.+3.11.0add = Display Big Date
inf = V18 compatibility
mybooking18.0.+2.4.0chg = V18 Compatibility
extraprice18.0.+2.9.0chg = V18 Compatibility
fix = percent not keep on update
dolitweak18.0.+1.2.0inf = V18 compatibility
customtabs18.0.+3.5.0chg = 18.0 Compatibility
fix = pb with linked field
fix = fill template on xml import
fix = template card with customtab instead customtabs …
add = allow to filter on linked field
bomgenerator18.0.+1.2.0inf = V18 compatibility
process18.0.+2.4.0inf = 17 and 18 Compatibility
mylist18.0.+4.5.0chg = V18 compatibility
morefield18.0.+1.0.0inf = Initial version
customline18.0.+3.13.0chg = V 18 compatibility
coefpricr18.0.+1.12.0chg = 18.0 compatibility
supplierpricr18.0.+2.6.0inf = V18 compatibility
restock18.0.+3.5.0chg = 18.0 Compatibility
myschedule18.0.+1.6.0inf = V18 compatibility
chg = update fullcalendar V6
add = year wiev
fix = some display date bugfix
mylist17.0.+4.4.2fix = token left on delete fields
myfield18.0.+3.2.0inf = 18.0 compatibility
extralist18.0.+1.1.0chg = V18 compatibility
equipement18.0.+3.3.0chg = V18 compatibility
add = introduce consumption end of life
fix = some little bugfix as usual
mylist17.0.+4.4.1add = multicompany compatibility
fix = some fix Error with php 8
listgpt17.0.+1.0.1chg = new gpt model
extraprice17.0.+2.8.1fix = bad return value
extralist17.0.+1.0.2fix = delete function disapeared
rmindr17.0.+1.10.0chg = 17.0 compatibility
restock17.0.+3.4.0chg = 17.0 Compatibility
fix = allow order on service on other tabs
mylist19.0.+5.0.0add = NEW : Add full sql Query and generate a complete myList
add = new tabs supplier proposal, order and invoice
fix = order elementtabs renamed with right name
myfield17.0.+3.1.1fix = extrafields move not working
mybroadcast17.0.+2.6.0chg = V17 compatibility
mybooking17.0.+2.3.0chg = V17 Compatibility
management17.0.+2.17.0chg = V17 Compatibility
factory17.0.+3.2.2fix = bom generator error and filter not enabled
customtabs17.0.+3.4.3fix = some little fix
coefpricr17.0.+1.11.0chg = 17.0 compatibility
transporteur17.0.+2.7.0chg = V17 compatibility
supplierpricr17.0.+2.5.0inf = V17 compatibility
stockmovr17.0.+1.4.0chg = V17 compatibility
portofolio17.0.+1.17.0chg = V17.0 Compatibility
myschedule17.0.+1.5.1fix = add contact error (type of contact id changed)
mylist19.0.+4.6.1add = List can be filter whith socid and #SOCID# default value
myfield17.0.+3.1.0inf = 17.0 compatibility
add = tab feature work on mobile mode
mydiscount17.0.+1.6.0inf = V16, V17 and PHP V8 Compatibility
myclock17.0.+3.10.0inf = V17 compatibility
factory17.0.+3.2.1fix = bad direct qty build on php8
equipement17.0.+3.2.1fix = Better link management of equipement with elements
fix = delete files on document work
customtabs17.0.+3.4.2fix = permission to add on import file
customproduct17.0.+2.1.1add = add optional price on line description (new option)
customlink17.0.+2.1.0chg = V 17 compatibility
customline17.0.+3.12.1add = upper add line on supplier too
bomgenerator17.0.+1.1.0inf = V17 compatibility
badgelio17.0.+1.3.0inf = V17 compatibility
fix = correct some bug
projectbudget17.0.+1.8.0inf = V17 compatibility (and some crsf error)
myschedule17.0.+1.5.0inf = V17 compatibility
matchr19.0.+1.11.0chg = V18 and 19 compatibility
equipement17.0.+3.2.0chg = V17 compatibility
customtabs17.0.+3.4.1fix = extrafields management
customline17.0.+3.12.0chg = V 17 compatibility
fix = ref unit error on import
badgelio16.0.+1.2.0inf = V16 compatibility
localise17.0.+1.9.0chg = 17.0 Compatibility
factory17.0.+3.2.0chg = 17.0 compatibility
add = extralist compatibility
fix = fontawesone only since V15
equipement16.0.+3.1.6add = Equipement shipping can now be automated
fix = document import need permissiontoadd now
customtooltip17.0.+1.11.0chg = V17 compatibility
customtabs17.0.+3.4.0chg = 17.0 Compatibility
fix = fix better sep management
fix = attribute_type not yet supported
customproduct17.0.+2.1.0inf = V17 Compatibility
fix = font awesome compatibility for older error
mylist17.0.+4.4.0chg = V17 compatibility
matchr17.0.+1.10.0chg = 17.0 compatibility
chg = new extrafields compatibility
listgpt17.0.+1.0.0inf = First release
factory16.0.+3.1.4add = bomgenerator compatibility
extraprice17.0.+2.8.0chg = V16, V17 and PHP V8 Compatibility
extralist17.0.+1.0.1add = add translation
extralist17.0.+1.0.0chg = first Release
equipement16.0.+3.1.5add = Equipement shipping can now be automated
supplierpricr16.0.+2.4.2fix = force quantity only a 1, divide the total price now
rmindr16.0.+1.9.1fix = rdminr on actioncomm fail
mylist16.0.+4.3.2fix = move colum order ajax error
add = new tabs warehouse
mylist16.0.+4.3.1fix = postgresql compatibility
myfield16.0.+3.0.0add = add varing values feature
mydoliboard16.0.+3.9.0chg = V16 comptability
factory16.0.+3.1.3fix = update line not working
fix = extrafield on list and card
fix = list of BOM associate switch from parent to child
equipement16.0.+3.1.4chg = Celebrate 10 Years Edition with PI 3.14
add = add equipement from supplier order to supplier bill (automated)
add = add equipement from shipping to customer bill (automated)
customproduct16.0.+2.0.2fix = multicheckbox error, sum multiple value
customlink16.0.+2.0.1fix = fix js error on multiple bills validation
bomgenerator16.0.+1.0.0inf = Initial version
supplierpricr16.0.+2.4.1add = force quantity only a 1
equipement16.0.+3.1.3fix = virtual product on shipping not refresh (class product error)
customtabs16.0.+3.3.3add = customTabs Fields display on element list
customline16.0.+3.11.1add = use extrafield margin value if set
add = keep sell and cost price on product if asked
supplierpricr16.0.+2.4.0inf = V16 and php V8 compatibility
moredesc16.0.+1.4.0inf = V16 and PHP V8 compatibility
factory16.0.+3.1.2chg = Add treeview on OF
dolitweak18.0.+1.2.1add = move action button up
customtabs16.0.+3.3.2fix = parent fail on first page
customproduct16.0.+2.0.1inf = Include qty convert feature
customline16.0.+3.11.0chg = V 16 and PHP V8 compatibility
fix = better supplier vat management
transporteur16.0.+2.6.0chg = V16 PHPV8 compatibility
add = Move transporteur table on Calculated weight fields
rmindr16.0.+1.9.0chg = 16.0 and PHP V8 compatibility
restock16.0.+3.3.1fix = setting percent not saved since V8 upgrade
process16.0.+2.3.0inf = 11 to 16 Compatibility and php V8
portofolio16.0.+1.16.0chg = V16.0 Compatibility
myfield16.0.+2.14.2chg = show hide is on dolibarr number version click
mybooking16.0.+2.2.0chg = V16 and php V8 Compatibility
matchr16.0.+1.9.0chg = 16.0 and PHP V8 compatibility
management16.0.+2.16.0chg = V16 and php V8 Compatibility
localise16.0.+1.8.0chg = 16.0 and PHP V8 Compatibility
equipement16.0.+3.1.2chg = virtual product on shipping
dolitweak17.0.+1.1.0inf = V17 and php 8 compatibility
add = iconicTabs on hover
customtooltip16.0.+1.10.1fix = extrafields not filled
customtooltip16.0.+1.10.0chg = V16 and PHP V8 compatibility
customtabs16.0.+3.3.1fix = some fix on submenu
mylist16.0.+4.3.0chg = V16 and PHPV8 compatibility
add = new type email
fix = import xml fields fail if some tag not present
myfield16.0.+2.14.1fix = some boring php V8 compatibility errors fixed
fix = manage encoding of fields
factory16.0.+3.1.1chg = Import composition from original product (variant)
equipement16.0.+3.1.1chg = fix consuming bug
dolitweak16.0.+1.0.0inf = Initial version
customtabs16.0.+3.3.0chg = 16.0 and php V8 Compatibility
add = querydisplay fields for conditionnal display tabs
customproduct16.0.+2.0.0inf = Add list by price and ref
customlink16.0.+2.0.0chg = Major version
chg = V 16 and php V8 compatibility
add = supplier bill ventilation with task and project
coefpricr16.0.+1.10.0chg = 16.0 and php V8 compatibility
transporteur15.0.+2.5.0chg = V 14-15 compatibility
stockmovr16.0.+1.3.0chg = V16 and php V8 compatibility
restock16.0.+3.3.0chg = 16.0 and php V8 Compatibility
projectbudget16.0.+1.7.0inf = V14-15-16 and php V8 compatibility
portofolio15.0.+1.15.1fix = PHP V8 fix
fix = some filtering bug corrected
myschedule16.0.+1.4.0inf = V16 and php V8 compatibility
fix = some postgres compatibility errors
myfield16.0.+2.14.0inf = 16.0 compatibility and php V8
myclock16.0.+3.9.0inf = V16 and PHPV8 compatibility
mybroadcast16.0.+2.5.0chg = V14-15-16 and php V8 compatibility
factory16.0.+3.1.0chg = 16.0 compatibility and php V8
extraodt16.0.+2.8.0chg = 16.0 and php V8 compatibility
customproduct16.0.+1.3.0inf = V16 Compatibility and PHP V8
equipement16.0.+3.1.0chg = V16 and php V8 compatibility
fix = optimisation event list
equipement15.0.+3.0.1add = barcode generation
fix = migration error on shipping, replace expedition by shipping on elementlink
coefpricr15.0.+1.9.1fix = if no product price on supplier mode, bad fields user (rowid instead fk_product)
restock15.0.+3.2.2fix = project select goes wrong
fix = bad compute quantity on filtered value
add = add filtered on element and qty
add = add fk_product field for better tracking
mydoliboard15.0.+3.8.0chg = V15 comptability
add = Report warehouse
management15.0.+2.15.2fix = $load extrasfield on management task class need for V15
fix = bad report project totalisation
factory15.0.+3.0.2fix = test mode left on OF print
add = filtering on categ product and supplier
customproduct15.0.+1.2.1add = more information on description usage
restock15.0.+3.2.1fix = include partial supplier order
add = add factory controling colunm on list
portofolio15.0.+1.15.0chg = 14.0 and 15.0 Compatibility
mylist15.0.+4.2.2fix = champs form not well close
myclock15.0.+3.8.1add = support Ukrain Flag
equipement15.0.+3.0.0chg = MAJOR VERSION
chg = V14 compatibility
chg = V15 compatibility
add = Events and Consumption managed like task
chg = Look and feel
add = Equipement Extrafields are present in the lists
fix = fix some CSRF error
add = Equipement State have color setting
add = presentation.xml for better presentation management
add = Ticket on event association link
add = More Import/export feature
add = badge count on tabs
add = mouvp change for V15
fix = token for V15
customtabs15.0.+3.2.1fix = table_element on input output are now required
fix = enable all menu on list work now
customline15.0.+3.10.1fix = jquery select
chg = refactoring for better optimisation
supplierpricr15.0.+2.3.0inf = V15 compatibility
rmindr15.0.+1.8.0chg = 14.0 and 15.0 compatibility
restock15.0.+3.2.0chg = 15.0 Compatibility
fix = order on ‘en cours’
periodic15.0.+1.3.0inf = V13, 14 and 15 Compatibility
myschedule15.0.+1.3.0inf = V15 compatibility
fix = some bad redirection after validation
mylist15.0.+4.2.1fix = enable all menu on list work now
myfield15.0.+2.10.1fix = uppper move field work better
mydiscount15.0.+1.5.0inf = V14 and V15 Compatibility
myclock15.0.+3.8.0inf = V15 compatibility
fix = no error if objectId not set on log
moredesc15.0.+1.3.0inf = V14 and V15 compatibility
matchr15.0.+1.8.0chg = 15.0 compatibility
management15.0.+2.15.1fix = bad admin_project redirection
localise15.0.+1.7.0chg = 14-15.0 Compatibility
factory15.0.+3.0.1fix = product_factory_extrafields.sql error
fix = bad tabulation name
fix = no create line off OF on order and proposal
extraprice15.0.+2.7.0chg = V14 and V15 Compatibility
extraodt15.0.+2.7.0chg = 14.0 and 15.0 compatibility
customtooltip15.0.+1.9.0chg = V14 and V15 compatibility
customtabs15.0.+3.2.0chg = 15.0 Compatibility
add = BadgeTabs on list and card menu and submenu
customproduct15.0.+1.2.0inf = V15 Compatibility
customline15.0.+3.10.0chg = V 15.0 compatibility
coefpricr15.0.+1.9.0chg = 14.0 and 15.0 compatibility
stockmovr15.0.+1.2.1fix = error on pdf generation
restock14.0.+3.1.2fix = Error on construct db
mylist15.0.+4.2.0chg = V15 compatibility
add = use of HAVING on aggregate filter
management15.0.+2.15.0chg = V15 Compatibility
add = billing task qty better managed
factory15.0.+3.0.0fix = bad product on factory order tabs
add = Manufacturing subcontracting (new Tabs)
add = detail qty on warehouse (global and selected)
stockmovr15.0.+1.2.0chg = V14-V15 compatibility
add = mouvp change for V15
myfield15.0.+2.10.0inf = 15.0 compatibility
add = select2 add trigger change for default value
mybooking15.0.+2.1.0chg = V14 Compatibility
chg = V15 compatibility
add = add tabs on product and thirdparty to follow booking
add = mouvp change for V15
factory15.0.+2.6.0chg = 15.0 compatibility
add = mouvp origin deprecied for V15
restock14.0.+3.1.1fix = Error on nbProd in main restock
customproduct14.0.+1.1.1add = check to display custom present on description
myschedule14.0.+1.2.1fix = some CSRF error
mylist14.0.+4.1.1fix = display nb of fields in mylist
mydoliboard14.0.+3.7.0chg = V14 comptability
add = pivot page on product movement
factory14.0.+2.5.1add = add BOM on export
fix = create with BOM fail
fix = some CSRF error
customproduct14.0.+1.1.0inf = V14 Compatibility
fix = Sql comment on last line make error on install
management14.0.+2.14.0chg = V14 Compatibility
add = periodic task feature
supplierpricr14.0.+2.2.0inf = V14 compatibility
add = create supplier price from supplier order and invoice
restock14.0.+3.1.0chg = 14.0 Compatibility
chg = Error on document
myschedule14.0.+1.2.0inf = V14 compatibility
myfield14.0.+2.9.0inf = 14.0 compatibility
add = New myfield button feature
myclock14.0.+3.7.0inf = V14 compatibility
inf = PHP 8 welcome
matchr14.0.+1.7.0chg = 14.0 compatibility
factory14.0.+2.5.0chg = 14.0 compatibility
fix = Bad cancel statut value (3 instead 9)
customtabs14.0.+3.1.0chg = 14.0 Compatibility
add = Agefood compatibility
customlink14.0.+1.15.0chg = V 14 compatibility
chg = equipement V3 compatibility
myschedule13.0.+1.1.3add = add day filter and ref on dynamic list
add = day link display day view
mylist14.0.+4.1.0chg = V14 compatibility
add = new value feature on export too
add = percent value feature
add = better page next/prev management
mydiscount13.0.+1.4.0inf = V13 Compatibility
management13.0.+2.13.3add = soleil management have report detail
add = badge indicator on report tab name
customtabs13.0.+3.0.1chg = 13.0 Compatibility
chg = New extrafield structure Use
cmg = display defined label on tabs
customline14.0.+3.9.0chg = V 14.0 compatibility
add = edit fields can be disable by habilitation
add = mass editition tabs can be disable by habilitation
supplierpricr13.0.+2.1.0inf = V13 compatibility
rmindr13.0.+1.7.0inf = 13.0 compatibility
fix = suppress rmindr feature on dispatch
projectbudget13.0.+1.6.0inf = V13 compatibility
portofolio13.0.+1.12.0chg = 13.0 Compatibility
chg = better look and feel
myschedule13.0.+1.1.2add = user and thirdparty list are dynamic now
mylist13.0.+4.0.0fix = colOrder now changeable on edit
chg = look and fields update
add = numrow and cumuled value feature
add = print barcode feature
mybroadcast13.0.+2.4.0chg = V13 compatibility
add = keep file on element folder (include shipping)
management13.0.+2.13.2fix = extrafields on interventional report
factory13.0.+2.4.1fix = if factory qtyplanned change, qtyplanned of component change too
add = display badge on factory tabs
coefpricr13.0.+1.8.0chg = 13.0 compatibility
add = Filter product by category of supplier
restock13.0.+3.0.0chg = 13.0 Compatibility
chg = Major Release
add = add factory and supplier proposal feature
fix = better recursivity work
myfield13.0.+2.8.0inf = 13.0 compatibility
fix = Color Button choice
moredesc13.0.+1.2.0inf = V13 compatibility
add = Display nb moredesc on Tabs badge
management13.0.+2.13.1add = convert interventional freeline on default service
factory13.0.+2.4.0chg = 13.0 compatibility
chg = Some Restock compatibility
add = Extrafields on factory detail line
fix = fournish price divided by min quantity buy
customtooltip13.0.+1.8.0chg = V13 compatibility
chg = thirdparty dao
add = display categorie on tooltip
customproduct13.0.+1.0.0inf = Initial version
customlink13.0.+1.14.0chg = V13 compatibility
chg = look and feel update
myschedule13.0.+1.1.1fix = replace .get() by .ajax() synchonous
mylist13.0.+3.7.0chg = V13 compatibility
fix = menu titre depriciated fields
chg = look and fields update
mydoliboard13.0.+3.6.1fix = menu titre depriciated fields (empty label menu)
mybooking13.0.+2.0.0chg = Major Version
add = Management of product availability step by step
extraprice13.0.+2.6.1fix = upercase sensitive on class file
extraodt13.0.+2.6.0chg = 13.0 compatibility
transporteur13.0.+2.4.0chg = V 13 compatibility
fix = cosmetics fixes and change
stockmovr13.0.+1.1.1fix = Better CRLF separator management
myschedule13.0.+1.1.0inf = V13 compatibility
add = user right for user access
fix = user right on button screen
mydoliboard13.0.+3.6.0chg = V13 comptability
fix = Enabling right access to main screen
mybooking13.0.+1.6.0chg = V13 Compatibility
matchr13.0.+1.6.0chg = 13.0 compatibility
management13.0.+2.13.0chg = V13 Compatibility
fix = some contract fields suppressed
fix = project user management rules harmonisation
localise13.0.+1.6.0chg = 13.0 Compatibility
extraprice13.0.+2.6.0chg = V13 Compatibility
add = link to wiki help
customline13.0.+3.8.0chg = V 13.0 compatibility
fix = csv enclosure not well import (GETPOST none)
fix = UTF8 char on import file may fail first import fields
stockmovr13.0.+1.1.0chg = V13 compatibility
fix = admin path upercase problem
add = more separator import value
myfield12.0.+2.7.3fix = admin super visibility right on list
myclock13.0.+3.6.0inf = V13 compatibility
fix = better vertical display calc
factory12.0.+2.3.0chg = 12.0 compatibility
chg = Look and feel
restock12.0.+2.8.0chg = 12.0 Compatibility
add = Qty needed on product
myschedule12.0.+1.0.1inf = Add contact list feature
customlink12.0.+1.13.2add = Element Supplier_proposal, bom and mrp Added
myschedule12.0.+1.0.0inf = Initial version
mylist12.0.+3.6.1fix = mylist creation table fail on certains db
factory11.0.+2.2.3add = Add weight info on compositon tabs
add = Add badge on number of Of by product
equipement12.0.+2.8.0chg = V12 compatibility
customlink12.0.+1.13.1chg = Element on contact better look
customline12.0.+3.7.3add = masschange price are now with jquery
fix = little corrections
myschedule12.0.+0.5.0add = Main screen ended
add = thirdparty and user tabs made
myschedule12.0.+0.2.1add = mass Select on action screen
myschedule12.0.+0.2.0add = user value on update fichinter ok
matchr12.0.+1.5.1fix = contact user not OK
equipement11.0.+2.7.2chg = supplier_order add fields
add = multicompany support
myschedule12.0.+0.1.3add = fullcalendar hour limit are customisable
myschedule12.0.+0.1.2add = mass statut change
chg = refactoring time
myschedule12.0.+0.1.1add = filter by color ok and color selection on setting
myschedule12.0.+0.1.0fix = better drag and drop resising
add = mass delete button ok
add = mass user, shift and clone on progress
customline12.0.+3.7.2add = up addLine on edit mode
fix = some error on import supplier order
transporteur12.0.+2.3.0chg = V 12 compatibility
fix = cosmetics fixes and change
supplierpricr12.0.+2.0.0inf = V11 and 12 compatibility
projectbudget12.0.+1.5.0inf = V11 and V12 compatibility
periodic12.0.+1.2.0inf = V9, 10, 11 and 12 Compatibility
fix = some bug on supplier order
myschedule12.0.+0.0.4add = create fichinter ok, need test
add = new navigation button
add = update fichinter on road
myschedule12.0.+0.0.2add = mass action button
chg = click and select day/hour
add = popin on add with default value
chg = Look and feel
myschedule12.0.+0.0.1inf = full calendar on V5.1.0
add = filter on dolibarr status
chg = reorganisation of menu
myprint12.0.+2.2.0chg = V 11.0 and 12 compatibility
add = Add ticket pdf
myfield12.0.+2.7.2chg = remove maxwidth100 class on input fields if size changed
mydoliboard12.0.+3.5.0chg = 11.0 and 12.0 comptability
mydiscount12.0.+1.3.0inf = V12 Compatibility
mybroadcast12.0.+2.3.0chg = V11 and V12 compatibility
moredesc12.0.+1.1.0inf = V12 compatibility
add = Change label too
matchr12.0.+1.5.0chg = 11.0 and 12.0 compatibility
management12.0.+2.12.0chg = V12 Compatibility
fix = some contract fields suppressed
localise12.0.+1.5.0chg = 11.0 and 12.0 Compatibility
factory11.0.+2.2.2fix = display only one father product
fix = Mass change product of composition
extraprice12.0.+2.5.0chg = V12 Compatibility
extraodt12.0.+2.5.0chg = 12.0 compatibility
equipement11.0.+2.7.1fix = Allow Edit Serial on V5 tabs
customtooltip12.0.+1.7.1add = tooltip icon open on new tab the link
customlink12.0.+1.13.0chg = V12 compatibility
customline12.0.+3.7.1add = add element with barecode or ref
fix = calculation error with vat value
coefpricr12.0.+1.7.0chg = 12.0 compatibility
stockmovr12.0.+1.0.0chg = First Release
rmindr12.0.+1.6.0inf = 12.0 compatibility
portofolio12.0.+1.11.0chg = 12.0 Compatibility
chg = more infos on outstantingbill
myclock12.0.+3.5.0inf = V12 compatibility
fix = no error if breadcump not fill
mybooking12.0.+1.5.0chg = V12 Compatibility
factory11.0.+2.2.1fix = minor fix before major version on V12
equipement11.0.+2.7.0fix = 11.0 compatibility ( major upgrade on working)
chg = better header tabs
customtooltip12.0.+1.7.0chg = V12 compatibility
customtabs12.0.+2.5.2add = Multicompany compatibility is OK
mylist12.0.+3.6.0chg = V12 compatibility
fix = xml import fail (getpost additionnal setting need)
myfield12.0.+2.7.1inf = 12.0 compatibility
fix = xml import fail (getpost additionnal setting need)
customtabs12.0.+2.5.1chg = Look and feel for tab
add = new feature on progress
fix = fix temmplate import error (getpost none)
customline12.0.+3.7.0chg = V 12.0 compatibility
add = another margin calc mode
restock11.0.+2.7.0chg = 11.0 Compatibility
fix = error on recursive virtual product
add = Restock tab on Bom V11 module
myfield12.0.+2.7.0chg = increase fields label size
customtabs12.0.+2.5.0chg = 12.0 Compatibility
add = ticket tab added
chg = bom tab added
transporteur11.0.+2.2.0chg = V 11 compatibility
fix = native weight management error fixed on V11
rmindr11.0.+1.5.0inf = 11.0 compatibility
portofolio11.0.+1.10.1add = add warehouse categories mass change
myfield11.0.+2.6.1fix = remove field even
mydiscount11.0.+1.2.0inf = V11 Compatibility
fix = some HT value are not change on order/proposal
mybooking11.0.+1.4.0chg = V11 Compatibility
management11.0.+2.11.0chg = V11 Compatibility
fix = generate bill error
fix = interventional report error on V10 and more
fix = contract term error
add = use real hours instead decimal hours on time report
extraprice11.0.+2.4.0chg = V11 Compatibility
customtooltip11.0.+1.6.0chg = 10 and 11 compatibility
fix = getOutstandingBills instead get_OutstandingBill in V11
customtabs11.0.+2.4.0chg = 11.0 Compatibility
customlink11.0.+1.12.0chg = V11 compatibility
fix = tag error, need lang filled
customline11.0.+3.6.1add = change sell price with margin
restock10.0.+2.6.2fix = bad compute on main screen (stockalert)
portofolio11.0.+1.10.0chg = 11.0 Compatibility
add = select element without categ affected
mylist11.0.+3.5.0chg = V11 compatibility
myfield11.0.+2.6.0inf = 11.0 compatibility
add = title content change on maimenu
myclock11.0.+3.4.0inf = V11 compatibility
moredesc11.0.+1.0.0inf = Initial version
factory11.0.+2.2.0chg = 11.0 compatibility
chg = BatchLot stock management (forgive me lord)
add = BOM feature compatible (even if it’s a bunch of shit)
customline11.0.+3.6.0chg = V 11.0 compatibility
fix = formargin error
restock10.0.+2.6.1add = access right managment hability
management10.0.+2.10.1fix = add project filter in on fly project typing
transporteur10.0.+2.1.0chg = 9.0 and 10 compatibility
rmindr10.0.+1.4.0inf = 10.0 compatibility
projectbudget10.0.+1.4.0inf = 10.0.x compatibility
myprint10.0.+2.1.1add = Add pdf signature if certificate present
mydiscount10.0.+1.1.0inf = V10 Compatibility
mybroadcast10.0.+2.2.0chg = V10 compatibility
matchr10.0.+1.4.0chg = 10.0 compatibility
localise10.0.+1.4.0chg = 8.0, 9.0 and 10.0 Compatibility
customline10.0.+3.5.1fix = totall ttc on mass proposal change error
fix = supplier order, pb with id and rowid
mydoliboard10.0.+3.4.0chg = 10.0 comptability
mybooking10.0.+1.3.0fix = V10 Compatibility
management10.0.+2.10.0chg = V10 Compatibility
factory10.0.+2.1.1chg = stock movement on project display
process10.0.+2.2.0inf = 10.0 Compatibility
myprint10.0.+2.1.0chg = V 10.0 compatibility
add = Add french Chorus OCR on Bill
mylist10.0.+3.4.0chg = V10 compatibility
add = add MYLIST_SQL_RUNNING_BEFORE for additionnal query before main query
myclock10.0.+3.3.1add = Add skip check version of patas monkey modules (setting)
add = MyClock can be display on top left menu (setting)
add = MyClock can start directly from breadCrump (setting)
extraodt10.0.+2.4.0chg = 10.0 compatibility
equipement10.0.+2.6.0fix = 10.0 compatibility
chg = better header tabs
customtabs10.0.+2.3.0chg = 10.0 Compatibility
restock10.0.+2.6.0chg = 10.0 Compatibility
fix = more recursive Factory Sub-OF
portofolio10.0.+1.9.0chg = 10.0 Compatibility
myfield10.0.+2.5.0inf = 10.0 compatibility
fix = DebugBar Compatibility
factory10.0.+2.1.0chg = 10.0 compatibility
add = BatchLot stock management (not stable)
customlink10.0.+1.11.0chg = V10 compatibility
fix = facnumber error with V10
myclock10.0.+3.3.0inf = V10 compatibility
customline10.0.+3.5.0chg = V 10.0 compatibility
add = add Total HT, VAT TTC on mass change Screen
coefpricr10.0.+1.6.0chg = 10.0 compatibility
rmindr9.0.+1.3.0inf = 9.0 compatibility
mybooking9.0.+1.2.0fix = V9 Compatibility
management9.0.+2.9.3fix = Error on transfert time from project to bill
customtooltip9.0.+1.5.0chg = 9.0 compatibility
customlink9.0.+1.10.0chg = 9.0.0 compatibility
process9.0.+2.1.0inf = 9.0 Compatibility
management9.0.+2.9.2fix = Add contract duration and intervention duration on soleil pdf
customline9.0.+3.4.0chg = V 8.0 compatibility
chg = V 9.0 compatibility
add = add Total HT, VAT TTC on mass change Screen
restock9.0.+2.5.1fix = some bugfix on Factory and Sub-OF
portofolio9.0.+1.8.1fix = esthetic bugfix
myfield9.0.+2.4.1add = Add textarea feature
chg = refactoring code, thanks Yohann
fix = input colorthumb not recolored
mybroadcast9.0.+2.1.0add = One ftp and sql setting by warehouse (or not)
coefpricr9.0.+1.5.0chg = 8.0 and 9.0 compatibility
myprint9.0.+2.0.0chg = V 9.0 compatibility
add = Add remise total on customer document
add = Add deposit total on bill
add = Add net to pay on bill
add = Add total Vat on bill
mydiscount9.0.+1.0.0inf = First release
management9.0.+2.9.1fix = Fichinter reporting conflict with myPrint
extraodt9.0.+2.3.0add = new order by on elements (OrderPropalOnODT, OrderOrderOnODT, OrderBillOnODT)
mylist8.0.+3.3.1fix = bad filter on alias
fix = modulepart error on new formfile generator modelePDF instead modele …
management9.0.+2.9.0add = Project fill draft bill
factory9.0.+2.0.1add = Add Factory Build Tab on Proposal
fix = sub-OF tab are only with restock
supplierpricr9.0.+1.1.0inf = V9 compatibility
restock9.0.+2.5.0add = Include recursive on Factory and Sub-OF
portofolio9.0.+1.8.0chg = 9.0 Compatibility
add = new reporting dashboard
myfield9.0.+2.4.0add = Small button return big on blur (Keep color)
add = Add tooltip after fields
myclock9.0.+3.2.0inf = V9 compatibility
mybroadcast8.0.+2.0.0chg = V8 compatibility
factory9.0.+2.0.0add = New list format
add = Create OF Direct from Menu
add = Sub OF with restock
add = Default storage of product is by default on OF
restock8.0.+2.4.1fix = Factory order goes wrong
mylist8.0.+3.3.0chg = V8 compatibility
myfield8.0.+2.3.1add = New display control (in the list)
add = Allow change background of input field
equipement8.0.+2.5.2fix = tabs management are better
transporteur8.0.+2.0.0add = (MAJOR) add volume compute on price
projectbudget8.0.+1.3.0inf = 8.0.x compatibility
management8.0.+2.8.1add = fichinter report move stock qty if product selected
chg = suppress old corechange
factory8.0.+1.9.1fix = allow negative build (decomposition)
fix = include pdf OF on email send
equipement8.0.+2.5.1fix = consumption failure if stock differ
transporteur8.0.+1.3.0chg = 8.0 compatibility
chg = If no service defined, not button displayed
restock8.0.+2.4.0chg = 8.0 Compatibility
portofolio8.0.+1.7.0chg = 8.0 Compatibility
chg = Better filtering for sellers ventilation…
fix = Patas-tools top menu can be duplicate
myfield8.0.+2.3.0inf = 8.0 compatibility
fix = Patas-tools top menu can be duplicate
add = display fields,tabs or menu can be managed by sql query
mydoliboard8.0.+3.3.0chg = 8.0 comptability
fix = Patas-tools top menu can be duplicate
management8.0.+2.8.0chg = V8 compatibility
fix = update datee dateo error on interventional report
factory8.0.+1.9.0chg = 8.0 compatibility (modelePDF instead modele )
equipement8.0.+2.5.0fix = 8.0 compatibility (formfile management differ)
customtabs8.0.+2.2.0chg = 8.0 Compatibility
fix = Patas-tools top menu can be duplicate
customlink8.0.+1.9.0chg = 8.0.0 compatibility
fix = Patas-tools top menu can be duplicate
process8.0.+2.0.0inf = 8.0 Compatibility
inf = MAJOR VERSION, NOW USE OF fullcalendar plug-in
myclock8.0.+3.1.0inf = V8 compatibility
fix = bad hook resprint management with customtooltip, now clean
fix = adjusting size of calc for V8
mylist7.0.+3.2.5fix = better fields management (use of alias)
customtooltip7.0.+1.4.1fix = more 7.0 compatibility
customtabs7.0.+2.1.1fix = some customers bigfix return
rmindr7.0.+1.3.2fix = some better focus problem
process7.0.+1.8.2fix = extrafields template error require vs include
mylist7.0.+3.2.4fix = correct some little bug
myfield7.0.+2.2.1fix = bad quote management in vmenu
myclock7.0.+3.0.0add = (Major) introduce Calculator
management7.0.+2.7.2fix = Fichinterrec is now a free module
factory7.0.+1.8.4chg = factory depend now of nature of product, not the not selling of it
fix = sql bug on update date (bis)
chg = better search display
equipement7.0.+2.4.2chg = better search display
mylist7.0.+3.2.3fix = filter error if order by present
fix = customtabs and myclock breadcrump comptaibility
add = categories filter more feature
myclock7.0.+2.0.1fix = bad naming history table if case sensitive
mybroadcast7.0.+1.0.3add = New export file format (with tab and quote)
management7.0.+2.7.1fix = Bad declaration on Period of Contract
factory7.0.+1.8.3add = include OF on virtual stock
fix = sql bug on update date
equipement7.0.+2.4.1fix = create file dir
customline7.0.+3.3.3add = Mass change on interventional (including myshedule compatibility)
add = buyprice on mass change
rmindr7.0.+1.3.1fix = Better management on top right icon
process7.0.+1.8.1fix = factory calendar error
periodic7.0.+1.1.1fix = menu « accountancy » changed on « billing »
add = interventional mass cloning on week
mylist7.0.+3.2.2add = mybroadcast compatibility
myclock7.0.+2.0.0inf = Introducing breadcrump (Major)
mybroadcast7.0.+1.0.2add = myList (since 7.0+3.2.2) is mybroadcast compatible
localise7.0.+1.3.0chg = 7.0 Compatibility
factory7.0.+1.8.2fix = index page with storage info
inf = Free Version Update
customtabs7.0.+2.1.0chg = 7.0 Compatibility
customline7.0.+3.3.2fix = Mass delete error on order and proposal
rmindr7.0.+1.3.0chg = 7.0 compatibility
add = Mass closing on rmindr to close
projectbudget7.0.+1.2.0inf = 7.0.x compatibility
process7.0.+1.8.0fix = 7.0 Compatibility
portofolio7.0.+1.6.0chg = 7.0 Compatibility
add = cloning thirdparties are (1), (2), (3) …
add = thirdparties outstanding billing mass management
periodic7.0.+1.1.0inf = V7 Compatibility
fix = some bug on supplier order
myprint7.0.+1.4.0chg = V 7.0 compatibility
mylist7.0.+3.2.1fix = do job not working clearly
mydoliboard7.0.+3.2.0chg = 7.0 comptability
add = new graphtype (Pie)
chg = display sql query on debug mode (page disabled)
myclock7.0.+1.3.0inf = V7 compatibility OK
mybroadcast7.0.+1.0.1add = myList and myDoliboard Link
add = broadcast event are stored
mybooking7.0.+1.1.1fix = Setting problem if only one storage
management7.0.+2.7.0chg = V7 compatibility
fix = Minor change for introducing mySchedule module
factory7.0.+1.8.1fix = various 7.0 bugfix
fix = sql bug on factory table
customtooltip7.0.+1.4.0chg = 7.0 compatibility
customlink7.0.+1.8.0chg = 7.0.0 compatibility
fix = element_tag table not present on V7, now in package
customline7.0.+3.3.1fix = Fix error on build/fill sql table
coefpricr7.0.+1.4.0chg = 7.0 compatibility
fix = date must now between quote
badgelio7.0.+1.1.0inf = V7 compatibility and diffusion version
transporteur7.0.+1.2.0chg = 7.0 compatibility
chg = Patas monkey Color for additionnal button are orange
restock7.0.+2.3.0chg = 7.0.0 Compatibility (entrepot.label change to entrepot.ref)
mylist7.0.+3.2.0fix = PHP V7 error on pdf sum
fix = #SEL# on query more managed
fix = export not limited to 25 rows
myfield7.0.+2.2.0inf = 7.0 compatibility
add = small button feature
mybroadcast7.0.+1.0.0inf = Initial version
mybooking7.0.+1.1.0inf = V7 compatibility (entrepot ref vs label)
factory7.0.+1.8.0chg = 7.0 compatibility (entrepot.label changed to entrepot.ref)
fix = recursivity error 2
fix = error on createOF from factory order (bad date sql not null)
fix = extrafields error on project tabs
equipement7.0.+2.4.0fix = 7.0 compatibility (entrepot.label change to entrepot.ref)
customline7.0.+3.3.0chg = 7.0 compatibility
fix = PHP7 bad default value on import feature
add = compulsory fields more managed
add = Add fk_unit field on import
add = Introducing mass percent price update
add = forced only product or service on free mode
add = tx_tva on import is priority on product default
transporteur6.0.+1.1.2chg = better presentation of transporteur box
rmindr5.0.+1.2.3fix = bad class setting for facture-rec
projectbudget6.0.+1.1.1inf = other management of col
myprint6.0.+1.3.3fix = better management on exotic car
mylist6.0.+3.1.3fix = xls export error if selectlist
fix = better export separator management
fix = group by error management
mybooking6.0.+1.0.0inf = First Release
factory6.0.+1.7.2fix = fk_user_modif field now needed
fix = product translation error
customline6.0.+3.2.3fix = redirection error on propal and bill line import
restock6.0.+2.2.2add = dynamic update on suppliers table
process6.0.+1.7.1fix = new header management on calendar
myprint6.0.+1.3.2add = specific setting on customer adress
add = more information on interventional
factory6.0.+1.7.1fix = French error on translation
equipement6.0.+2.3.4fix = sql Error on recent mysql version
customline6.0.+3.2.2add = TVA value display have change on V6
add = somme translation added
restock6.0.+2.2.1add = Add restock tabs on supplier
process6.0.+1.7.0fix = 6.0 Compatibility
myprint6.0.+1.3.1add = add rouget BL delivery form
add = introducing resizing coef for the logo
add = add aligment on extrafield column POS_name_ALIGN (L, C or R)
management6.0.+2.6.2fix = error on contract list term to bill
fix = error calendar task
equipement6.0.+2.3.3fix = Dictionnary error not null on coder allowed
customtabs6.0.+2.0.1fix = bad redirection on open/delete file on sub tab
fix = required fields on list not well notified
transporteur6.0.+1.1.1fix = habilitation error on delete rate
portofolio6.0.+1.5.2add = thirdparties also filtered by type (supplier, prospect, …)
mylist6.0.+3.1.2add = Description of myList displayed on mylist header page
add = mass change sample added on mylist
mydoliboard6.0.+3.1.1fix = Table presentation (line border left on V6)
chg = new right ‘report’ for Reporting access
add = (MAJOR) Reporting dynamic cross tables on project times
equipement6.0.+2.3.2fix = Serial type error from factory
fix = bug on create on note change
customline6.0.+3.2.1add = mass change feature on supplier proposal
add = add supplier ref on line in masschange supplier elements
transporteur6.0.+1.1.0chg = 6.0 compatibility
restock6.0.+2.2.0inf = 6.0 compatibility
add = type of product choice generalised at all restock page
portofolio6.0.+1.5.1chg = commonfooter hook error
periodic6.0.+1.0.0inf = First Release
inf = Recurring invoice OK
inf = update price (including multirate) OK
myprint6.0.+1.3.0chg = 6.0 compatibility
add = tryptique mode for shipping on bill
add = now use format of extrafields type
add = introducing ‘tob’ as ‘top before public note’
mylist6.0.+3.1.1add = datetime and time type field format are now implemented
add = check and mass change return on mylist
fix = exotic char best managed on pdf
management6.0.+2.6.1chg = periodic module comptabitility (recurring interventional)
add =
factory6.0.+1.7.0chg = 6.0 Compatibility
extraprice6.0.+2.3.0chg = 6.0 compatibility and php 7
equipement6.0.+2.3.1fix = Fix create error from tabs products
fix = Unable to change storage on Equipement
customtabs6.0.+2.0.0add = Transfert extrafields to customTabs
fix = mysql error on list page
fix = 6.0 Compatibility
customlink6.0.+1.7.1add = New subscription Link
customline6.0.+3.2.0chg = 6.0 compatibility
add = Compulsory of imported fields
add = better Import Error management
add = new PT translation
coefpricr6.0.+1.3.0chg = 6.0 compatibility
add = Changelog Tabs for V6
badgelio6.0.+1.0.0inf = First Release
projectbudget6.0.+1.1.0inf = 6.0.x compatibility
portofolio6.0.+1.5.0chg = 6.0 Compatibility
mylist6.0.+3.1.0chg = 6.0 compatibility
myfield6.0.+2.1.0inf = 6.0 compatibility
mydoliboard6.0.+3.1.0fix = error on blocD
chg = 6.0 comptability
matchr8.0.+1.3.0chg = 8.0 compatibility
management6.0.+2.6.0chg = dolibarr V6 compatibility
add = thirdparty service price used if multiprice enabled or by customer
factory5.0.+1.6.5fix = Stock Movement good if OF qty product modifiy
chg = merge movement and rapport tab
chg = increase list and harmonisation of terms
chg = label on declinaison product creation
equipement6.0.+2.3.0chg = V6 comptability
fix = Error on first pdf generation
add = new list page (V5 style) and mass change correction
customtooltip6.0.+1.3.0chg = 6.0 compatibility
customlink6.0.+1.7.0chg = 6.0.0 compatibility
fix = paiement tabs have restricted access
add = V5 tabs style
customline5.0.+3.1.5fix = updateTotal(5.0) vs update_total (4.0) on supplier order
supplierpricr6.0.+1.0.0inf = First Release
restock5.0.+2.1.4add = add filter on date on restock customer order page
add = add type of product choice if booth enabled
myprint5.0.+1.2.1fix = better decal on top table if extrafields
mylist5.0.+3.0.4fix = better pdf presentation
add = duration type field
add = had filter #ENTITY# for multientity
myfield5.0.+2.0.3fix = usergroup right error on insert
mydoliboard5.0.+3.0.1fix = Dol_dir_list error on export XLS
chg = refactoring for jenkins
management5.0.+2.5.6add = show company associated to project
fix = time add not only by project creator
factory5.0.+1.6.4fix = some change for multicompany compatibility
add = update price feature on OF card
extraodt5.0.+2.2.2add = payment array on bill
customtooltip5.0.+1.2.3ad = tooltip on project
customlink5.0.+1.6.2add = paiement on supplier bills
transporteur5.0.+1.0.0inf = Initial version
rmindr5.0.+1.2.2fix = one div present, made cariage return on icons
fix = tabbs on mainboard change on click not mouseover
mylist5.0.+3.0.3fix = better tabs management
fix = bad filter on prefedined value
mydoliboard5.0.+3.0.0add = (MAJOR) Export on xls template
add = corechange menu need for customers_bills menu
management5.0.+2.5.5add = we can change subprice and vat on service associated to task
fix = minor fix and refactoring
localise5.0.+1.2.3add = project and company for outside move
equipement5.0.+2.2.4chg = jenkins optimisation
add = mass change on date start and date end
fix = No full header in pdf except first page
customtooltip5.0.+1.2.2fix = 4.0 compatibility on product
add = better look and fell for product tooltip
customline5.0.+3.1.4add = Mass import line of supplier order
add = Mass import line of wharehouse
fix = PHP7 import compatibility
restock5.0.+2.1.3fix = type rights only on 1 chars
fix = getlocaltax warning on muscadet print
mylist5.0.+3.0.2add = if withpdf=-1 the column field is not print in pdf
fix = exotic charset better managed on pdf
fix = align header field on datatable
fix = not selected field on classic if , on field
fix = Better management of filter fields
add = corechange menu need for customers_bills menu
fix = better presentation of pdf (landscape + portrait)
fix = landscape header not diplayed error finally solved YEAAAHH
myfield5.0.+2.0.2fix = XML Import/export now work fine even with only one myfield
fix = Ambigus submenu is managed with menu#submenu ‘/’ may cause problem
myclock5.0.+1.2.1fix = pb with tooltip on boxmenu
matchr5.0.+1.2.1fix = Change some litte bug
management5.0.+2.5.4chg = only access to own project task
fix = display total bill on create it from project
add = new calculation bill on task (based on progress)
fix = project task access, major problem due of new habilitation level
add = introducing recurrence on interventional
localise5.0.+1.2.2fix = bad search url on index page
fix = bad date on movement
fix = PHP7 compatibility
extraprice5.0.+2.2.1chg = extraprice.php rename on setup on admin path
equipement5.0.+2.2.3fix = allow empty customer on google search listbox
add = add label product on standard search fields
customtooltip5.0.+1.2.1fix = corechange on hookmanager class needed
add = introducing hook on tooltip for more infos to display
customtabs5.0.+1.6.1chg = customtabs.php rename on setup on admin path
fix = member tab form balise present
fix = $db in class insted $this-db
customlink5.0.+1.6.1chg = customlink.php rename on setup on admin path
add = detect if method are present before call it
customline5.0.+3.1.3fix = Better managment of columns in massupdate tabs
fix = this-db present on propal project
coefpricr5.0.+1.2.1fix = prevent update previous price on multiprice
add = add hour and minuts on change price
rmindr5.0.+1.2.1fix = date rmindr not saved if updated
add = rmindr feature on supplier_proposal
restock5.0.+2.1.2fix = restock on product + project standardisation code and feature
fix = bad calculation of total price on add qty in a line
portofolio5.0.+1.4.2fix = bad statut filter on user project change
mylist5.0.+3.0.1add = actived pdf is default selected if none selected before
fix = UTF-8 export Format OK
fix = personnalised field not aligned on mylistdt
management5.0.+2.5.3fix = listtimeweek monday not get correctly (us style)
add = New calendar mode (1 month = 1 line)
fix = listtime progress not saved
localise5.0.+1.2.1fix = move contact error
fix = document object problems sometime
fix = bad url listmove and listblock.php on index page
factory5.0.+1.6.3fix = button not present on final V5
fix = multiple capucin doc on setting page
fix = qty unit on equipement used is factorydet, not product_factory
extraodt5.0.+2.2.1add = additionnal fields for contract
fix = corechange for 5.0 (PR Loosed)
equipement5.0.+2.2.2add = add ref product on export standard
fix = rouget_expedition pdf some enhances and bug fix
restock5.0.+2.1.1fix = Class object not found on new tabs
management5.0.+2.5.2fix = fichinter line function loose
fix = duration_effective field changed by task_duration
add = Generate project from proposal
chg = Display tasklabel instead taskref on listtime
factory5.0.+1.6.2add = cost price origin may differ for product and service
fix = bad statut filter on draft
fix = error on class project not found
fix = button not present on final V5
fix = multiple capucin doc on setting page
customline5.0.+3.1.2fix = error class project not found on tabs
rmindr5.0.+1.2.0chg = 5.0 compatibility
add = new look on admin about page
add = information version on admin setup page
restock5.0.+2.1.0fix = 5.0 compatibility
add = restock order from project
add = use remise_percent on fourn price
add = new look on admin about page
add = information version on admin setup page
projectbudget5.0.+1.0.0inf = First Release
portofolio5.0.+1.4.1add = CategChange add filter on categ
myprint5.0.+1.2.0chg = 5.0 compatibility
add = new look on admin about page
add = information version on admin setup page
mylist5.0.+3.0.0chg = MAJOR VERTSION 5.0 compatibility
add = new look on admin about page
add = information version on admin setup page
fix = Export feature better managed
add = New « Categories Filter » Type Fields
myfield5.0.+2.0.1add = Ambigus submenu managed with menu/submenu syntax
fix = bad external url on submenu
mydoliboard5.0.+2.1.0chg = 5.0 compatibility
add = new look on admin about page
add = information version on admin setup page
myclock5.0.+1.2.0chg = 5.0 compatibility
add = new look on admin about page
add = information version on admin setup page
matchr5.0.+1.2.0chg = 5.0 compatibility
add = new look on admin about page
add = information version on admin setup page
management5.0.+2.5.1fix = fichinter line function loose
fix = Bad selection user on fling Time
add = new look on admin about page
add = information version on admin setup page
add = allow define default service on create task
localise5.0.+1.2.0chg = 5.0 compatibility
add = new look on admin about page
add = information version on admin setup page
factory5.0.+1.6.1add = Factory Direct allowed even with no stock (setting)
add = new tabs on factory product card (composed list of OF)
add = new look on admin about page
add = information version on admin setup page
fix = Import OF, add import_key field in good table (product_factory)
extraprice5.0.+2.2.0chg = 5.0 compatibility
add = new look on admin about page
add = information version on admin setup page
extraodt5.0.+2.2.0chg = 5.0 compatibility
add = new look on admin about page
add = information version on admin setup page
equipement5.0.+2.2.1add = default serial method choice feature
fix = main stabilisation and enhancing
customtooltip5.0.+1.2.0chg = 5.0 compatibility
add = new look on admin about page
add = information version on admin setup page
customlink5.0.+1.6.0chg = 5.0 compatibility
add = new look on admin about page
add = information version on admin setup page
customline5.0.+3.1.1fix = bad initialize fields on propal import
fix = element must be draft for import feature
chg = prepare suppliers import feature (and propal supplier too)
coefpricr5.0.+1.2.0fix = 3.7 compatibility
chg = 5.0 compatibility
add = new look on admin about page
add = information version on admin setup page
portofolio5.0.+1.4.0fix = 5.0 compatibility
add = add project categories mass change
add = add project and task change by user
add = new look on admin about page
add = information version on admin setup page
myfield5.0.+2.0.0add = can hide, change url and bgcolor on tab, mainmenu, menu and submenu
add = can move (up, down, left, right) all elements
fix = Required fields work fine now (thanks html5)
add = new look on admin about page
add = information version on admin setup page
management5.0.+2.5.0inf = 5.0 Compatibility
add = send contract by mail (4.0 and 5.0 only)
add = Entry of monthly times in part of days
factory5.0.+1.6.0add = 5.0 compatibility
fix = Deleted product not movemented on stock
equipement5.0.+2.2.0add = Welcome DLUO, fuck batch/lot
add = 5.0 Compatibility
chg = Better Italian Translation (thanks claudio)
fix = free product must not appear on expeditiontabs equipement selection
add = new look on admin about page
add = information version on admin setup page
customtabs5.0.+1.6.0chg = 5.0 Compatibility
fix = bad mandatory field control on customtabs list
add = mass refresh tabs on desactivate/activate module
fix = bad char in tablename control
fix = duplicate subtabs in the main tab
add = new look on admin about page
add = information version on admin setup page
customline5.0.+3.1.0fix = 5.0 compatibility
fix = bad url on detail mass import file
fix = delete right remplaced by deletefile right
add = new look on admin about page
add = information version on admin setup page
rmindr4.0.+1.1.2add = select display native help and print icon
mylist4.0.+2.2.3add = Project Tabs
fix = tabs pagination
fix = bad filter init field getpost
fix = bad filter #USERGROUP# if user has no group
fix = duplicate header on tabs mode
myfield5.0.+1.4.0inf = 5.0 compatibility
fix = right access feature on select field too
add = new MYFIELD_ADMIN_ALL_RIGHT constant for usergroup right
mydoliboard4.0.+2.0.1fix = bad filter init field getpost
management4.0.+2.4.1fix = inversion on cloture button of interventionnal
fix = term of contrat error on create (fields name key changed)
fix = old agenda vue for > 4.0 too
add = new intervention close statut : not to bill
factory4.0.+1.5.3fix = Import OF, add import_key field
fix = select_entrepot function remplaced by select_entrepot_list
extraodt4.0.+2.1.1fix = client changed by thirdparty on odt
fix = add value on odt_show_all_tags feature
equipement4.0.+2.1.4fix = Bad Url in composition page
chg = color on week-end for agenda event
fix = storage error on mass change list
customtabs4.0.+1.5.3fix = fetch_thirdparty() not present on supplier tabs
add = display aviable field on template tabs
fix = link stay on tabs – not in commun link of element
customline4.0.+3.0.1fix = first line not imported if mode 2 ou 3 of import
restock4.0.+2.0.3fix = error product selection multiple composition
restock4.0.+2.0.2fix = SQL Error on order Create
add = display supplier reputation if present
process4.0.+1.6.0add = xml changelog welcome
chg = 4.0 Compatibility
chg = inline month display
portofolio4.0.+1.3.2add = fix some 3.7 regression
add = introducing scoring feature
fix = change access by habilitation
add = add usergroup and status filter
myprint4.0.+1.0.2add = Use Facture Preprinted feature
add = Add Sending document
add = add image linked on document
fix = error if line after image
mylist4.0.+2.2.2chg = GetnomUrl based on param, not of type
fix = idreftabs bad initialised
myfield4.0.+1.3.1fix = problem with ‘ in fieldname
factory4.0.+1.5.2fix = costprice used in project too
add = Export OF, export and import components
add = different component price selection
equipement4.0.+2.1.3add = Extrafields on Import/Export native feature
add = consumption stock movement if stock different
add = add multiple qty in consumption
customtabs4.0.+1.5.2fix = habilitation error on main tabs with not admin user
customlink4.0.+1.5.1fix = Task link of management error
add = work if object class of element not found
customline4.0.+3.0.0add = Mass import line of element
fix = freeline text empty on mass change
coefpricr4.0.+1.1.1add = calculation price based on fournish price
fix = Price is changed only if really changed
fix = fournish min-max price inversion
rmindr4.0.+1.1.1add = rmindr Owner can change infos
add = ID Identification enhancement
restock4.0.+2.0.1add = Dispatch pdf Edition
add = add customer order ref in fournish order private note
portofolio4.0.+1.3.1add = Mass Change statut on elements
chg = Reordering column on change statut
add = 200 line limit if no filter applied on change statut
myprint4.0.+1.0.1add = Use user info on sender info
fix = Specimen error with extrafield line
add = Introducing tryptique mode
myprint4.0.+1.0.0inf = First release
add = Create contact trigger
mylist4.0.+2.2.1fix = Fix some export problems
fix = ajax sort column error (last)
mydoliboard4.0.+2.0.0add = 4.0 Compatibility
add = (MAJOR) Reporting dynamic cross tables on main elements
factory4.0.+1.5.1add = create OF’s from Orders, restock mode like
fix = global quantity not well managed
fix = cost price feature OK
extraprice4.0.+2.1.1add = PRODUCT TVA EXPORT trick on fourn bills
extraodt4.0.+2.1.0fix = 4.0 Compatibility
add = additionnal fields for order
equipement4.0.+2.1.2add = Mass Equipment change enhancement
fix = Export SQL error
add = colored list of type event
customtabs4.0.+1.5.1fix = Mass delete line feature
tst = Try to Multicompany comptatibility
customlink4.0.+1.5.0fix = 4.0 compatibility
fix = load tva include soc of the bill
add = fournish bill ventilation on factory OF
rmindr4.0.+1.1.0chg = 4.0 Compatibility
fix = RmindR on suppress element
restock4.0.+2.0.0chg = Order Customer and order fournish linked by line (MAJOR feature)
add = link button between order by project
chg = virtual product seach component even if factory enabled
chg = rename admin/restock.php to admin/setup.php
portofolio4.0.+1.3.0fix = 4.0 compatibility
fix = thirdparty cloning duplicate error
fix = translation
mylist4.0.+2.2.0fix = 4.0.0 compatibility
myfield4.0.+1.3.0inf = 4.0 compatibility
management4.0.+2.4.0inf = 4.0 Compatibility
localise4.0.+1.1.0inf = 4.0 Compatibility
fix = object pagination error
fix = Mass input error
factory4.0.+1.5.0fix = bad url on factorybox
fix = document template folder change 4.0 compatibility
fix = increase size of OF number mask
extraprice4.0.+2.1.0chg = 4.0 Compatibility
extraodt3.9.+2.0.6fix = bad name on contactdocument class
equipement4.0.+2.1.1add = Agenda Event Feature
chg = Event editable only on the good company
chg = direct link to event card on listevent
fix = create equipement on factory tabs, bad statut
chg = equipement / factory, better link management
equipement4.0.+2.1.0fix = bad carriage return on pdf sending rouget equipement
fix = document template folder change for 4.0 compatibility
chg = increase size of number mask
chg = add button to transfert equipement to inteventionnal publicnote
fix = bad stock mvt in cut equipement
customtooltip4.0.+1.1.0inf = Add qty in storage in product tooltip
fix = Dolibarr 4.0.0 compatibility
add = display outstanding_limit on society tooltip
customtabs4.0.+1.5.0fix = 4.0 Compatibility
customline4.0.+2.1.0fix = 4.0 compatibility
fix = update_total not present on facture fourn (corechange 3.9 / 4.0)
coefpricr4.0.+1.1.0fix = Dolibarr 4.0.0 compatibility
add = level price selection feature
fix = Some problems with level price
rmindr3.9.+1.0.4add = bad user tooltip display
restock3.9.+1.4.3chg = virtual product seach component even if factory enabled
process3.6.+1.3.1add = percent of backlog proposal
portofolio3.9.+1.2.4chg = some translation change
fix = bad filter on grp change
mylist3.9.+2.1.4add = New tooltiplistfeature
fix = xml import error on visible filter
myfield3.9.+1.2.4fix = default value initialisation
add = xml version changelog feature
add = UPPERCASE and LOWERCASE formatfield function
matchr3.9.+1.0.2add = xml version changelog feature
localise3.9.+1.0.5fix = fix datemove error
factory3.9.+1.4.4fix = error on OF price if Qty = 0
extraodt3.9.+2.0.5fix = fix balise on table error
equipement3.9.+2.0.4fix = error on qty stock mvt
chg = Comsumtion feature
customtooltip3.9.+1.0.0inf = Initial version
inf = js not on hook but in additionnal JS file
customtabs3.9.+1.4.2fix = extrafield feature error
add = hook management on tabs – myfields compatibility
fix = bad url for submenu tabs
fix = error on insert submenulist value
customline3.9.+2.0.2chg = line edition remove : use mass edition instead
fix = facture fourn mass edition error
coefpricr3.9.+1.0.3add = XML changelog versionning
rmindr3.9.+1.0.3add = display later rmindr
chg = suppress contraint on rmindr create
add = dolibarr min version tested on modules install
fix = laterrmindr array not well initialised
restock3.9.+1.4.2add = changelog new formating and display format
portofolio3.9.+1.2.3add = xml version changelog feature
add = color categ display 4 better display
fix = fk_societe changed to fk_soc on llx_categorie_societe since 3.8.0
fix = some filter error
mylist3.9.+2.1.3chg = move module on « Patas-Tools » section
add = xml version changelog feature
fix = code field may crash on some mysql version
mydoliboard3.9.+1.5.1add = xml version changelog feature
myclock3.9.+1.1.1add = xml version changelog feature
chg = myClock modules menu move to patas-tools section
management3.9.+2.3.4fix = Error on create bill if task have no service associated
fix = admin icon menu
add = xml dolibarr version changelog feature
fix = interventional report remise_percent predef changed on 3.9
localise3.9.+1.0.4fix = UltimateQRCode compatibility
factory3.9.+1.4.3add = xml min version of dolibarr feature
fix = add description on project movement
extraprice3.9.+2.0.2add = dolibarr version on XML changelog
add = RefreshExtraprice button displayed only if formula present
extraodt3.9.+2.0.4add = xml version changelog feature
equipement3.9.+2.0.3fix = bad document link on custom folder
add = xml Dolibarr MinVersion changelog feature
add = customTooltip hook compatibility
fix = export sql format error
customtabs3.9.+1.4.1add = xml version changelog feature
customlink3.9.+1.4.3add = customLink module menu move to patas-tools
add = Dolibarr xml minversion changelog feature
customline3.9.+2.0.1add = xml minversion and version changelog feature
add = delete feature on massive change ligne
coefpricr3.9.+1.0.2fix = error on $user object ($user_)
fix = 3.7 / 3.8 compatibility / category list
chg = change order of list fields
fix = Delete Query more expressiv
rmindr3.9.+1.0.2fix = bad translation in rmindr box
add = xml version changelog feature
process3.6.+1.3.0add = suppliers orders and bills have process feature
mylist3.9.+2.1.2add = new tag #ENTITY# and #USERGROUP# on query
fix = multicompany menu better management
chg = better size of input filter
myfield3.9.+1.2.3fix = error on rename main menu
chg = move module on « Patas-Tools » section
add = xml version changelog feature
mydoliboard3.9.+1.5.0chg = 3.9 and custom folder compatibility
matchr3.9.+1.0.1fix = hookmanager for rmindr
fix = $form not enabled for old dolibarr version
fix = bad folder for task in corechange
management3.9.+2.3.3fix = fill timespent_datehour in listtime
add = xml version changelog feature
localise3.9.+1.0.3add = search compatibility with 3.9 and old mode
add = Get new version info from XML website
add = changelog new XML formating and display on about page
factory3.9.+1.4.2add = search feature 3.9 in classic mode
add = allow mass line change
add = xml version changelog feature
fix = hookmanager addmorebutton suppressed on report page (conflict)
fix = value inversion on index page
extraprice3.9.+2.0.1add = bad case sensitive call
fix = fix price >1000 error
add = Get new version info from XML website
add = changelog new XML formating and display on about page
equipement3.9.+2.0.2add = display old search form if MAIN_USE_OLD_SEARCH_FORM enabled
fix = entrepot move on list mass change
add = xml version changelog feature
fix = search button size
customlink3.9.+1.4.2add = allow link with ticketsup module
add = xml version changelog feature
fix = search button size
customline3.9.+2.0.0add = allow mass line change
add = xml version changelog feature
fix = search button size
coefpricr3.9.+1.0.1fix = some minor fix
rmindr3.9.+1.0.0inf = Initial version
restock3.9.+1.4.1fix = bad object on create order fourn
add = more setting on order fournish
process3.5.+1.2.0fix = 3.4 / 3.5 compatibilty version
fix = sellers access right
add = order and pagination on list of process
portofolio3.9.+1.2.2add = affect Salesman on Actioncomm event with Trigger
mylist3.9.+2.1.1chg = some problem with export feature
fix = bad id for society tab (socid instead)
fix = grid lose for colpositionning
fix = export problem change
matchr3.9.+1.0.0inf = First release
management3.9.+2.3.2add = fichinter models management
fix = error on reportprojet ambigus fields
add = contract term next period date sugestion from setting
fix = bad url on create bill from contact
localise3.9.+1.0.2add = hookmanager 4 additionnal button on card
fix = correction of some little bugs
factory3.9.+1.4.1add = cost price feature (3.9)
add = batch/lot compatibility
fix = element link target is ‘factory’
extraprice3.9.+2.0.0add = new button for refresh all line price (major feature)
chg = configuration module moved to « patas-tools » section
equipement3.9.+2.0.1fix = extrafields date use tpl > 3.7
chg = new rouget model document more rows
fix = export problems (. left)
fix = equipement association better managed on expedition
fix = list of customer who have equipement in product tabs
add = predefined event feature on product tabs
fix = abbes some little return…
fix = bad url event on index page
add = hookmanager adding 4 rmindr feature
coefpricr3.9.+1.0.0inf = First release
portofolio3.9.+1.2.1chg = move to patas-monkey main menu
add = mass change categories
add = thirsparties cloning feature
chg = mass change for customers
fix = main menu error
mylist3.9.+2.1.0chg = 3.9 compatibility
add = custom folder compatibility
fix = bad redirection on champ (custom)
myfield3.9.+1.2.2chg = reorder group right page for better management
chg = better fields selection
add = reminder about group right
management3.9.+2.3.1chg = custom folder compatibility
chg = 3.9 compatibility
localise3.9.+1.0.1chg = Custom folder compatibility
chg = 3.9 compatibility
chg = nice menu icon
chg = replacement select_entrepot by formproduct–selectWarehouses
factory3.9.+1.4.0add = new search feature (3.9)
chg = access on declinaison and changeprice not only to admin
chg = 3.9 compatibility
chg = custom folder compatibility
extraodt3.9.+2.0.3fix = bad name on facture_fourn
equipement3.9.+2.0.0fix = update fields don’t hide bottom page button
add = use of ajax search box (wait 3.9.1 patch)
add = stock movement enabled
add = stock movement checkbox near warehouse dropdownbox
add = introduce « batch serial » for lot management
add = badge number on note
customtabs3.9.+1.4.0chg = 3.9 compatibility
chg = custom folder compatibility
customlink3.9.+1.4.1add = contact element list
add = user element list
restock3.9.+1.4.0chg = 3.9 compatibility
chg = custom folder compatibility
portofolio3.9.+1.2.0chg = 3.9 compatibility
chg = custom folder compatibility
myfield3.9.+1.2.1chg = 3.9 comptatibility
fix = custom folder compatibility
management3.9.+2.3.0add = change statut of task with trigger with timespend add/update/delete
localise3.9.+1.0.0inf = First Release
factory3.8.+1.3.5fix = Qty used automaticely compute varing qte made
add = Cloning feature
extraprice3.9.+1.3.0chg = 3.9.x compatbility
chg = custom folder comptatibility
extraodt3.9.+2.0.2chg = 3.9 compatibility
chg = custom folder compatibility
customlink3.9.+1.4.0fix = 3.9 compatibility
chg = custom folder compatibility
customline3.9.+1.3.0fix = custom folder compatibility
chg = 3.9 compatibility (no change)
restock3.8.+1.3.2fix = bad tab management on order (duplicate)
fix = negative value on main screen
add = if fournish order from customer order exist we prevent new restock
myfield3.9.+1.2.0fix = bad remplacement  »
add = use $conf->global->MAIN_SIZE_LISTE_LIMIT as list default limit
chg = refactoring menu management
factory3.8.+1.3.4fix = document module part error
fix = bad langage file in es_ES (german version inverted)
add = resources used linked to OF
chg = reorder cols of select component list (better ergonomy)
fix = bad pmp value on direct build
chg = declinaison refactoring for better perf
fix = pb with composition validation (with fourn enabled)
fix = bad composition in customer order generation
extraodt3.9.+2.0.1chg = setsegment error is not an error
fix = some little bug fixed
extraodt3.9.+2.0.0inf = MAJOR VERSION
add = odt on contact card
add = new tags {odt_show_all_tags} who display all odt tags on document
chg = correct hook management for better enhancement
chg = 3.9 corechange compatibility (part I)
customtabs3.8.+1.3.1add = hook on element header
add = better odt date format management
fix = create hookmanager if not exist
fix = bad return on page when create
mylist3.8.+2.0.4fix = forceall feature to show all line
myfield3.8.+1.1.2fix = user group access
add = display show/hide only if field present to hide
chg = refactoring jquery for better management and performance
fix = habilitation error by group
myfield3.8.+1.1.1fix = main menu icon (bad css)
add = display Error Message when dbclose and pagefooter ordering is inversed
extraodt3.8.+1.2.3fix = bad admin tabs name (about and readme)
fix = supplier invoice and order admin need setting feature (corechange)
mylist3.8.+2.0.3fix = auguria menu compatibility
add = more order statut added (billed)
myfield3.8.+1.1.0chg = card.php restricted access change
chg = better select management (part of tr is changed)
chg = hidden tabs
mydoliboard3.8.+1.4add = new type of graphic (graph)
fix = auguria menu compatibility
management3.8.+2.2.2add = fichinter datei = date of close report
fix = fichinter rapport hook rules change
extraodt3.8.+1.2.2add = new field in fichinter document (dates, object_refcontrat, object_refprojet)
add = new field management in fichinter document (dateo, datee)
restock3.8.+1.3.1add = allow create customer order by database link
fix = bad origin on commande (commdande)
portofolio3.8.+1.1.0inf = Better Module position (with user)
add = Mass change group user
add = checkbox to force erase precedent affectation
mylist3.8.+2.0.2add = mylistmore print plugin enhancement
chg = new fields widthpdf on mylistdet
add = better compatibility with myField
myclock3.8.+1.0.1chg = Final Feature
chg = Reordering setting box page
management3.8.+2.2.1add = access right on task and project price
fix = correct some bug with other user than admin
add = display task label on billproject page
fix = task status updated on create task trigger
fix = time billed with fk_facture=0 not used on sumtimebilled
fix = some errot on fichinter calendar view
factory3.8.+1.3.3add = add ref on class before call trigger on create
chg = minor change on pdf document models, better comming soon
chg = best management on factory area
fix = change definition on class for additionnal documents models
add = product extrafield infos fill composed product too (before only used product as component)
fix = bug if free product on order
extraodt3.8.+1.2.1add = new odt document (supplier invoice and order)
restock3.8.+1.3.0fix = negative value on main page correction
fix = link between customer and fournish order inverted with factory link
portofolio3.7.+1.0.1fix = php version compatibility error
chg = Some ergonomic changes
add = en_US Langfiles
add = not affected to user and not affected user added as filter
mylist3.8.+2.0.1chg = import export compatibility with old mylist version
add = better management of position of new field
fix = some little bugfix
chg = mylist sample are not in database but in xmlsample folder
chg = error on list element
mylist3.8.+2.0.0inf = Major version
chg = rename liste.php -> list.php and fiche.php -> card.php
chg = use mylistdet table instead array on unique field
chg = remove flash button remplace by trigger
myclock3.7.+1.0.0inf = Initial version
management3.8.+2.2.0add = time passed billing mode
add = predefined billing mode task (planned, made or passed)
add = get text_note on monthly keyin
add = transfert project on bill depending billing mode
factory3.8.+1.3.2add = german translation
chg = english correction
fix = bad pmp send to stock
add = trigger on create and close OF
add = origin id on movement
fix = loosed product are returned on stock (qty error)
fix = duplicate mouvement on report when F5 pressed…
add = New stock movement tabs
factory3.8.+1.3.1add = filter statut on list
add = New factory area (with stat soon)
chg = rename fiche.php to card.php
extraodt3.8.+1.2.0add = new odt document (contract, intervention)
customtabs3.8.+1.3.0chg = 3.8 comptability (extrafields template)
chg = card.php separate on list.php and card.php
add = filter on customTabs list (element, type and statut)
add = allow add tabs on module present on custom folders
customlink3.8.+1.3.0fix = 3.8 compatibility (hook call change)
chg = minor presentation change on tag
process3.8.+1.5.0add = factory, equipement, localise have process feature
chg = move module configuration to front
portofolio3.7.+1.0.0inf = First release
myclock4.0.+1.2.0chg = 4.0 compatibility
factory3.8.+1.3.0add = Contact associate on OF
fix = better english translation
factory3.7.+1.2.2add = add stock qty and desired on factory ordertabs
customline3.8.+1.2.0add = allow show/hide margin info with habilitation
process3.7.+1.4.1add = customised color on langs files : choose your rainbow
add = add user filter on calendar view and process_list
myfield3.7.+1.0.6add = Allow tmenu, vmenu and vsmenu context change
add = placing trigger on botton of page
mydoliboard3.7.+1.3.0fix = 3.7 comptability
factory3.7.+1.2.1add = checkbox to select product in composition
add = use extrafields product for description composition
add = create multiple OF on customer order
add = XML import / export feature (Experimental)
add = if on report qty build = 0 then status is canceled
add = get list of contact of warehouse for mailing OF
chg = increase size of 1 column of OF pdf
fix = documents folder wrong
chg = this->statut instead this->fk_statut for compatibility
equipement3.8.+1.6.0fix = some little bug on list
add = number of event in badge on tabs
fix = postgres sql compatibility correction
customtabs3.7.+1.2.3add = Agefodd compatibility
fix = delete customtabs not good
fix = xml import Error
process3.7.+1.4.0fix = 3.7 compatibilty version (extrafields)
fix = minor admin change
myfield3.7.+1.0.5fix = context bad formating query
extraprice3.8.+1.2.0chg = 3.8.x compatbility
equipement3.7.+1.5.2add = import serial use carriage return as __N__ and tabs as __B__
fix = bad fields (facnumber instead ref in facture_fourn) on list
customtabs3.7.+1.2.2fix = buttons on end of list not appear after add delete or update
mylist3.7.+1.4.0fix = better menuid management
myfield3.7.+1.0.4fix = better context management
fix = new const MYFIELDS_CONTEXT_VIEW to display context on debug mode
myfield3.7.+1.0.3add = Masked input format feature
fix = error on create myfield : new field bad formated
add = English Language Field OK
fix = error on update myfield : new field bad formated (same…)
fix = group access right
fix = hide error on input fields key-in
fix = cancel on create myfield are wrong
management3.7.+2.1.0fix = ThirdParty vs Society 3.7 compatibility
add = show/hide week-end on month type
fix = trigger error on monthly keyin
equipement3.7.+1.5.2chg = Admin Changelog new tabs
add = AddEvents on multiple Equipment
add = Export of csv List of Equipment
add = mass update Warehouse and condition of equipment
equipement3.7.+1.5.1fix = delete equipment errors
fix = access of details button after create
fix = after cut equipement no button
customtabs3.7.+1.2.1add = salaries, tax and charges Tabs for customTabs feature
fix = Date format error on add line (wrong typing in multiline management)
customlink3.7.+1.2.0fix = getUrlofLink EBVFPNAS fucking message
rmindr3.9.+1.0.1add = History mode on page (green button)
fix = Close RmindR feature OK
fix = Email sending OK
chg = Better color date status management
chg = Some cosmetic change
myfield3.7.+1.0.2add = change fields size feature
myfield3.7.+1.0.1add = compulsory feature
myfield3.7.+1.0.0inf = Initial version
management3.6.+2.0.5add = report can be filtered by customer
add = progress can be change during monthly report
add = additionnal lign on monthly report for detail of task
fix = extrafields error during intervention transfert to bill
fix = include contract error during bill generation based on contact term
factory3.7.+1.2.0fix = Extrafields compatibility
add = myfields compatibility
equipement3.7.+1.5.0fix = better line management for sending document
fix = Extrafields compatibility
fix = myField compatibility
chg = equipement event in a dedicaced tabs
fix = no update event button if fichintet not enabled
customtabs3.7.+1.2.0fix = extrafields compatibility calls
chg = edit line mean update instead of delete/insert
chg = 3.7 compatibility
chg = 3.7 name of file standardisation
customline3.6.+1.1.0fix = 3.7 comptability
chg = 3.6 standardisation
myclock3.9.+1.1.0chg = 3.9 and custom folder compatibility
chg = some better display with new theme
management3.6.+2.0.4fix = bad filtering in month (forgot year filter)
add = better acces right project management
factory3.6.+1.1.5add = description on component
add = Qty used on Global
add = image preview of product
add = CRLF on descriptionQty used on Global
fix = some debugging
fix = send mail warning error
fix = update storage and qty planned on OF draft
extraodt3.7.+1.1.0fix = order problem on empty list
equipement3.6.+1.4.4add = better access right management
equipement3.6.+1.4.3fix = document delete wrong, using template now
fix = export query error (left a . )
fix = admin setting error
customtabs3.6.+1.1.5add = customTabs Feature on bank elements
mylist3.6.+1.3.3fix = actioncomm module use id instead of rowid
management3.6.+2.0.3add = 1click additional time on task
fix = contract bugs correction
chg = better project and task report display (title and orange background)
factory3.6.+1.1.4add = change price depending on composed product
equipement3.6.+1.4.2add = display description of product (jquery trick)
fix = sending document error with note_public empty
customtabs3.6.+1.1.4fix = custom folder compatibility
fix = error on contract and intervention
customlink3.6.+1.1.2add = paiement on multiple linked societe
customline3.6.+1.0.1add = allow change label product on bill, order, proposal…
fix = bugfix on tpl core not reported
mylist3.6.+1.3.2fix = error on null element (leftjoin)
mydoliboard3.6.+1.2.2fix = error on type of space (list or graph)
fix = date format on filter
management3.6.+2.0.2fix = minor fix and core integration
add = terms contract bill generator
management3.6.+2.0.1fix = bgcolor in total ligne error
fix = calendar habilitation fail
fix = corechange error on bill
factory3.6.+1.1.3fix = create OF : hours locked
extraprice3.6.+1.1.0inf = some minor changes
extraodt3.6.+1.0.0inf = Pour les versions de dolibarr inferieur a la 3.6.1, il convient d’installer un correctif d’odtphp (inclus dans les prochaines versions de dolibarr)
equipement3.6.+1.4.1fix = transfert serial to bill error
add = extrafields on equipement event
fix = extrafields error on equipement ($value instead $Value… stupid)
equipement3.6.+1.4.0add = factory feature
add = add equipement event link to project
add = add admin tabs ‘about’ with changelog feature
customtabs3.6.+1.1.3fix = sending tabs error
add = customTabs on order and supplier order
add = ODT feature; get customtabs value on ODT (for list tabs)
add = add many line on list in the same time
fix = file deletion on ged bad formated
customlink3.6.+1.1.1add = list of linked societe on societecontact tabs
customlink3.6.+1.1.0add = new commun top menu with other patas-tools modules
customline3.6.+1.0.0inf = Initial version
factory3.6.+1.1.2chg = component stock movement are now made during validation of the OF (not create draft)
customlink3.5.+1.0.3add = add adherent list on contact thirdparties tabs
factory3.6.+1.1.1add = multicompany feature
fix = declination enhancement
fix = pmp not well calculated
customlink3.5.+1.0.2fix = Bad link on taglink
factory3.6.+1.1.0add = object link template (tpl)
fix = document tabs error
customlink3.5.+1.0.1fix = Bug on ventilation on customer bills
factory3.5.+1.0.1fix = bugs on declination, and add categories choice on setup (root, variant, catalog)
fix = icon on box error fixed
fix = add extrafields feature
fix = access error with multicompany module enabled
fix = include categorie class left on projecttask.php
customlink3.5.+1.0.0inf = Initial version
factory3.5.+1.0.0inf = Initial version
extraprice3.5.+1.0.0inf = First Release
customtabs3.5.+1.0.0inf = Initial version
restock3.7.+1.2.0fix = 3.7 compatbility
restock3.6.+1.1.3fix = use remise fourn on unit price
fix = remove var_dump track
restock3.6.+1.1.2chg = custom folder feature
fix = some bugs fixes
restock3.6.+1.1.1add = setting choice of method for calculating replenishment
restock3.6.+1.1.0add = factory link feature
add = bill paied menu
restock3.5.+1.0.6fix = if weighting coef element = 0, collect is not made, if all of it for an element is null, no cols display
restock3.5.+1.0.5add = customer adress is joined on the fournish order
add = pdf_muscadet_restock with additionnal adress
add = restock product on open draft fournish order
restock3.5.+1.0.4add = separate customer to fournish order
restock3.5.+1.0.3fix = hearder forwarding correct issue
mylist3.6.+1.3.1add = new percent type of fields
add = add currency for price type
ad = add category (product and society) tabs feature
mylist3.6.+1.3.0add = new commun top menu with other patas-tools
mylist3.5.+1.2.4fix = ORDER BY in sql query work
add = add « with » on fields columns
fix = 0-key error after delete fields
add = default display length is changeable in admin module
mylist3.5.+1.2.3fix = filter error when name of fields have space
fix = better managment of bill statut
mylist3.5.+1.2.2fix = some Xml import error
add = Improvement of array of fields managment
mylist3.5.+1.2.1fix = fix some bug
chg = limit max = 100 by default
mylist3.4.+1.1.5add = add delete myList feature
mydoliboard3.6.+1.2.1fix = error if no row returned on board
add = link on current element in tabmode
add = category tabs (product and society added)
mydoliboard3.6.+1.2.0add = new commun top menu with other patas-tools
mydoliboard3.5.+1.1.2fix = many bug fix
add = add xml sample
management3.6.+2.0.0inf = Initial version after projet V2 ( 1.x.x)
customtabs3.6.+1.1.1add = ODT feature; get customtabs value on ODT (for card tabs)
add = customTabs Feature on proposal
customtabs3.6.+1.1.0add = new commun top menu with other patas-tools
customtabs3.5.+1.0.2add = dictionnary feature
add = factory link
add = stock link
customtabs3.5.+1.0.1 fix = setting right on project goes wrong ($user var left)
fix = Extrafields contraint error not returned on update/insert
add = customtabs list is by default ordered with the first fields
fix = bad adherent class
fix = next/prev on tab better managed
add = customTabs on invoice