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2024-0519.0.+3.6.4add = Arrange linked documents on 2 cols
add = display customtabs nb fields on list
add = new orderby fields for ordering customTabs list
2024-0419.0.+3.6.3add = use fk_element with computedfields to get id of element
2024-0319.0.+3.6.2fix = fix link fields problem on V19
2024-0119.0.+3.6.1fix = mandatory fields not tested on subMenuList
add = computed fields work on list
add = totalized fields work on list
fix = fix bad info on menu_card
2023-1219.0.+3.6.0chg = 19.0 Compatibility
add = generate pdf annex from list
2023-0918.0.+3.5.1fix = sub menu tabs collector not actived
2023-0818.0.+3.5.0chg = 18.0 Compatibility
fix = pb with linked field
fix = fill template on xml import
fix = template card with customtab instead customtabs …
add = allow to filter on linked field
2023-0417.0.+3.4.3fix = some little fix
2023-0317.0.+3.4.2fix = permission to add on import file
2023-0217.0.+3.4.1fix = extrafields management
2023-0117.0.+3.4.0chg = 17.0 Compatibility
fix = fix better sep management
fix = attribute_type not yet supported
2022-1016.0.+3.3.3add = customTabs Fields display on element list
2022-0916.0.+3.3.2fix = parent fail on first page
2022-0816.0.+3.3.1fix = some fix on submenu
2022-0716.0.+3.3.0chg = 16.0 and php V8 Compatibility
add = querydisplay fields for conditionnal display tabs
2022-0315.0.+3.2.1fix = table_element on input output are now required
fix = enable all menu on list work now
2022-0215.0.+3.2.0chg = 15.0 Compatibility
add = BadgeTabs on list and card menu and submenu
2021-0714.0.+3.1.0chg = 14.0 Compatibility
add = Agefood compatibility
2021-0613.0.+3.0.1chg = 13.0 Compatibility
chg = New extrafield structure Use
cmg = display defined label on tabs
2020-0612.0.+2.5.2add = Multicompany compatibility is OK
2020-0512.0.+2.5.1chg = Look and feel for tab
add = new feature on progress
fix = fix temmplate import error (getpost none)
2020-0412.0.+2.5.0chg = 12.0 Compatibility
add = ticket tab added
chg = bom tab added
2020-0311.0.+2.4.0chg = 11.0 Compatibility
2019-0810.0.+2.3.0chg = 10.0 Compatibility
2018-098.0.+2.2.0chg = 8.0 Compatibility
fix = Patas-tools top menu can be duplicate
2018-077.0.+2.1.1fix = some customers bigfix return
2018-047.0.+2.1.0chg = 7.0 Compatibility
2017-116.0.+2.0.1fix = bad redirection on open/delete file on sub tab
fix = required fields on list not well notified
2017-096.0.+2.0.0add = Transfert extrafields to customTabs
fix = mysql error on list page
fix = 6.0 Compatibility
2017-055.0.+1.6.1chg = customtabs.php rename on setup on admin path
fix = member tab form balise present
fix = $db in class insted $this-db
2017-015.0.+1.6.0chg = 5.0 Compatibility
fix = bad mandatory field control on customtabs list
add = mass refresh tabs on desactivate/activate module
fix = bad char in tablename control
fix = duplicate subtabs in the main tab
add = new look on admin about page
add = information version on admin setup page
2016-124.0.+1.5.3fix = fetch_thirdparty() not present on supplier tabs
add = display aviable field on template tabs
fix = link stay on tabs – not in commun link of element
2016-114.0.+1.5.2fix = habilitation error on main tabs with not admin user
2016-104.0.+1.5.1fix = Mass delete line feature
tst = Try to Multicompany comptatibility
2016-094.0.+1.5.0fix = 4.0 Compatibility
2016-083.9.+1.4.2fix = extrafield feature error
add = hook management on tabs – myfields compatibility
fix = bad url for submenu tabs
fix = error on insert submenulist value
2016-073.9.+1.4.1add = xml version changelog feature
2016-043.9.+1.4.0chg = 3.9 compatibility
chg = custom folder compatibility
2016-023.8.+1.3.1add = hook on element header
add = better odt date format management
fix = create hookmanager if not exist
fix = bad return on page when create
2015-103.8.+1.3.0chg = 3.8 comptability (extrafields template)
chg = card.php separate on list.php and card.php
add = filter on customTabs list (element, type and statut)
add = allow add tabs on module present on custom folders
2015-083.7.+1.2.3add = Agefodd compatibility
fix = delete customtabs not good
fix = xml import Error
2015-073.7.+1.2.2fix = buttons on end of list not appear after add delete or update
2015-063.7.+1.2.1add = salaries, tax and charges Tabs for customTabs feature
fix = Date format error on add line (wrong typing in multiline management)
2015-053.7.+1.2.0fix = extrafields compatibility calls
chg = edit line mean update instead of delete/insert
chg = 3.7 compatibility
chg = 3.7 name of file standardisation
2015-043.6.+1.1.5add = customTabs Feature on bank elements
2015-023.6.+1.1.4fix = custom folder compatibility
fix = error on contract and intervention
2015-013.6.+1.1.3fix = sending tabs error
add = customTabs on order and supplier order
add = ODT feature; get customtabs value on ODT (for list tabs)
add = add many line on list in the same time
fix = file deletion on ged bad formated
2014-013.5.+1.0.0inf = Initial version
3.6.+1.1.1add = ODT feature; get customtabs value on ODT (for card tabs)
add = customTabs Feature on proposal
3.6.+1.1.0add = new commun top menu with other patas-tools
3.5.+1.0.2add = dictionnary feature
add = factory link
add = stock link
3.5.+1.0.1 fix = setting right on project goes wrong ($user var left)
fix = Extrafields contraint error not returned on update/insert
add = customtabs list is by default ordered with the first fields
fix = bad adherent class
fix = next/prev on tab better managed
add = customTabs on invoice