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2024-0219.0.+1.13.0chg = V19 compatibility
2023-0918.0.+1.12.0chg = V18 compatibility
2023-0117.0.+1.11.0chg = V17 compatibility
2022-0816.0.+1.10.1fix = extrafields not filled
2022-0816.0.+1.10.0chg = V16 and PHP V8 compatibility
2022-0215.0.+1.9.0chg = V14 and V15 compatibility
2021-0413.0.+1.8.0chg = V13 compatibility
chg = thirdparty dao
add = display categorie on tooltip
2020-0712.0.+1.7.1add = tooltip icon open on new tab the link
2020-0612.0.+1.7.0chg = V12 compatibility
2020-0311.0.+1.6.0chg = 10 and 11 compatibility
fix = getOutstandingBills instead get_OutstandingBill in V11
2019-059.0.+1.5.0chg = 9.0 compatibility
2018-077.0.+1.4.1fix = more 7.0 compatibility
2018-037.0.+1.4.0chg = 7.0 compatibility
2017-086.0.+1.3.0chg = 6.0 compatibility
2017-075.0.+1.2.3ad = tooltip on project
2017-065.0.+1.2.2fix = 4.0 compatibility on product
add = better look and fell for product tooltip
2017-055.0.+1.2.1fix = corechange on hookmanager class needed
add = introducing hook on tooltip for more infos to display
2017-025.0.+1.2.0chg = 5.0 compatibility
add = new look on admin about page
add = information version on admin setup page
2016-094.0.+1.1.0inf = Add qty in storage in product tooltip
fix = Dolibarr 4.0.0 compatibility
add = display outstanding_limit on society tooltip
2016-083.9.+1.0.0inf = Initial version
inf = js not on hook but in additionnal JS file