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2024-0319.0.+3.4.1add = Add Category Feature on Equipement
fix = finish consumption end of life
fix = correct some other bug as usual
2024-0119.0.+3.4.0chg = V19 compatibility
add = new tabs event on product
fix = correct bugfix on event
add = add some hook on list
2023-1118.0.+3.3.1fix = some little bugfix as usual
2023-0618.0.+3.3.0chg = V18 compatibility
add = introduce consumption end of life
fix = some little bugfix as usual
2023-0317.0.+3.2.1fix = Better link management of equipement with elements
fix = delete files on document work
2023-0217.0.+3.2.0chg = V17 compatibility
2023-0116.0.+3.1.6add = Equipement shipping can now be automated
fix = document import need permissiontoadd now
2022-1216.0.+3.1.5add = Equipement shipping can now be automated
2022-1116.0.+3.1.4chg = Celebrate 10 Years Edition with PI 3.14
add = add equipement from supplier order to supplier bill (automated)
add = add equipement from shipping to customer bill (automated)
2022-1016.0.+3.1.3fix = virtual product on shipping not refresh (class product error)
2022-0816.0.+3.1.2chg = virtual product on shipping
2022-0716.0.+3.1.1chg = fix consuming bug
2022-0516.0.+3.1.0chg = V16 and php V8 compatibility
fix = optimisation event list
2022-0515.0.+3.0.1add = barcode generation
fix = migration error on shipping, replace expedition by shipping on elementlink
2022-0315.0.+3.0.0chg = MAJOR VERSION
chg = V14 compatibility
chg = V15 compatibility
add = Events and Consumption managed like task
chg = Look and feel
add = Equipement Extrafields are present in the lists
fix = fix some CSRF error
add = Equipement State have color setting
add = presentation.xml for better presentation management
add = Ticket on event association link
add = More Import/export feature
add = badge count on tabs
add = mouvp change for V15
fix = token for V15
2020-1012.0.+2.8.0chg = V12 compatibility
2020-0911.0.+2.7.2chg = supplier_order add fields
add = multicompany support
2020-0711.0.+2.7.1fix = Allow Edit Serial on V5 tabs
2020-0611.0.+2.7.0fix = 11.0 compatibility ( major upgrade on working)
chg = better header tabs
2019-0810.0.+2.6.0fix = 10.0 compatibility
chg = better header tabs
2018-118.0.+2.5.2fix = tabs management are better
2018-108.0.+2.5.1fix = consumption failure if stock differ
2018-098.0.+2.5.0fix = 8.0 compatibility (formfile management differ)
2018-067.0.+2.4.2chg = better search display
2018-057.0.+2.4.1fix = create file dir
2018-027.0.+2.4.0fix = 7.0 compatibility (entrepot.label change to entrepot.ref)
2017-126.0.+2.3.4fix = sql Error on recent mysql version
2017-116.0.+2.3.3fix = Dictionnary error not null on coder allowed
2017-106.0.+2.3.2fix = Serial type error from factory
fix = bug on create on note change
2017-096.0.+2.3.1fix = Fix create error from tabs products
fix = Unable to change storage on Equipement
2017-086.0.+2.3.0chg = V6 comptability
fix = Error on first pdf generation
add = new list page (V5 style) and mass change correction
2017-065.0.+2.2.4chg = jenkins optimisation
add = mass change on date start and date end
fix = No full header in pdf except first page
2017-055.0.+2.2.3fix = allow empty customer on google search listbox
add = add label product on standard search fields
2017-045.0.+2.2.2add = add ref product on export standard
fix = rouget_expedition pdf some enhances and bug fix
2017-025.0.+2.2.1add = default serial method choice feature
fix = main stabilisation and enhancing
2017-015.0.+2.2.0add = Welcome DLUO, fuck batch/lot
add = 5.0 Compatibility
chg = Better Italian Translation (thanks claudio)
fix = free product must not appear on expeditiontabs equipement selection
add = new look on admin about page
add = information version on admin setup page
2016-124.0.+2.1.4fix = Bad Url in composition page
chg = color on week-end for agenda event
fix = storage error on mass change list
2016-114.0.+2.1.3add = Extrafields on Import/Export native feature
add = consumption stock movement if stock different
add = add multiple qty in consumption
2016-104.0.+2.1.2add = Mass Equipment change enhancement
fix = Export SQL error
add = colored list of type event
2016-094.0.+2.1.1add = Agenda Event Feature
chg = Event editable only on the good company
chg = direct link to event card on listevent
fix = create equipement on factory tabs, bad statut
chg = equipement / factory, better link management
2016-094.0.+2.1.0fix = bad carriage return on pdf sending rouget equipement
fix = document template folder change for 4.0 compatibility
chg = increase size of number mask
chg = add button to transfert equipement to inteventionnal publicnote
fix = bad stock mvt in cut equipement
2016-083.9.+2.0.4fix = error on qty stock mvt
chg = Comsumtion feature
2016-073.9.+2.0.3fix = bad document link on custom folder
add = xml Dolibarr MinVersion changelog feature
add = customTooltip hook compatibility
fix = export sql format error
2016-063.9.+2.0.2add = display old search form if MAIN_USE_OLD_SEARCH_FORM enabled
fix = entrepot move on list mass change
add = xml version changelog feature
fix = search button size
2016-053.9.+2.0.1fix = extrafields date use tpl > 3.7
chg = new rouget model document more rows
fix = export problems (. left)
fix = equipement association better managed on expedition
fix = list of customer who have equipement in product tabs
add = predefined event feature on product tabs
fix = abbes some little return…
fix = bad url event on index page
add = hookmanager adding 4 rmindr feature
2016-043.9.+2.0.0fix = update fields don’t hide bottom page button
add = use of ajax search box (wait 3.9.1 patch)
add = stock movement enabled
add = stock movement checkbox near warehouse dropdownbox
add = introduce « batch serial » for lot management
add = badge number on note
2015-083.8.+1.6.0fix = some little bug on list
add = number of event in badge on tabs
fix = postgres sql compatibility correction
2015-073.7.+1.5.2add = import serial use carriage return as __N__ and tabs as __B__
fix = bad fields (facnumber instead ref in facture_fourn) on list
2015-063.7.+1.5.2chg = Admin Changelog new tabs
add = AddEvents on multiple Equipment
add = Export of csv List of Equipment
add = mass update Warehouse and condition of equipment
2015-063.7.+1.5.1fix = delete equipment errors
fix = access of details button after create
fix = after cut equipement no button
2015-053.7.+1.5.0fix = better line management for sending document
fix = Extrafields compatibility
fix = myField compatibility
chg = equipement event in a dedicaced tabs
fix = no update event button if fichintet not enabled
2015-043.6.+1.4.4add = better access right management
2015-043.6.+1.4.3fix = document delete wrong, using template now
fix = export query error (left a . )
fix = admin setting error
2015-023.6.+1.4.2add = display description of product (jquery trick)
fix = sending document error with note_public empty
2015-013.6.+1.4.1fix = transfert serial to bill error
add = extrafields on equipement event
fix = extrafields error on equipement ($value instead $Value… stupid)
2015-013.6.+1.4.0add = factory feature
add = add equipement event link to project
add = add admin tabs ‘about’ with changelog feature