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2023-0918.0.+3.3.0chg = 18.0 compatibility
fix = changeprice menu not displayed
2023-0417.0.+3.2.2fix = bom generator error and filter not enabled
2023-0317.0.+3.2.1fix = bad direct qty build on php8
2023-0117.0.+3.2.0chg = 17.0 compatibility
add = extralist compatibility
fix = fontawesone only since V15
2022-1216.0.+3.1.4add = bomgenerator compatibility
2022-1116.0.+3.1.3fix = update line not working
fix = extrafield on list and card
fix = list of BOM associate switch from parent to child
2022-0916.0.+3.1.2chg = Add treeview on OF
2022-0716.0.+3.1.1chg = Import composition from original product (variant)
2022-0616.0.+3.1.0chg = 16.0 compatibility and php V8
2022-0415.0.+3.0.2fix = test mode left on OF print
add = filtering on categ product and supplier
2022-0215.0.+3.0.1fix = product_factory_extrafields.sql error
fix = bad tabulation name
fix = no create line off OF on order and proposal
2022-0115.0.+3.0.0fix = bad product on factory order tabs
add = Manufacturing subcontracting (new Tabs)
add = detail qty on warehouse (global and selected)
2021-1215.0.+2.6.0chg = 15.0 compatibility
add = mouvp origin deprecied for V15
2021-1014.0.+2.5.1add = add BOM on export
fix = create with BOM fail
fix = some CSRF error
2021-0714.0.+2.5.0chg = 14.0 compatibility
fix = Bad cancel statut value (3 instead 9)
2021-0513.0.+2.4.1fix = if factory qtyplanned change, qtyplanned of component change too
add = display badge on factory tabs
2021-0413.0.+2.4.0chg = 13.0 compatibility
chg = Some Restock compatibility
add = Extrafields on factory detail line
fix = fournish price divided by min quantity buy
2020-1212.0.+2.3.0chg = 12.0 compatibility
chg = Look and feel
2020-1011.0.+2.2.3add = Add weight info on compositon tabs
add = Add badge on number of Of by product
2020-0711.0.+2.2.2fix = display only one father product
fix = Mass change product of composition
2020-0611.0.+2.2.1fix = minor fix before major version on V12
2020-0211.0.+2.2.0chg = 11.0 compatibility
chg = BatchLot stock management (forgive me lord)
add = BOM feature compatible (even if it’s a bunch of shit)
2019-0910.0.+2.1.1chg = stock movement on project display
2019-0710.0.+2.1.0chg = 10.0 compatibility
add = BatchLot stock management (not stable)
2019-019.0.+2.0.1add = Add Factory Build Tab on Proposal
fix = sub-OF tab are only with restock
2018-129.0.+2.0.0add = New list format
add = Create OF Direct from Menu
add = Sub OF with restock
add = Default storage of product is by default on OF
2018-108.0.+1.9.1fix = allow negative build (decomposition)
fix = include pdf OF on email send
2018-098.0.+1.9.0chg = 8.0 compatibility (modelePDF instead modele )
2018-067.0.+1.8.4chg = factory depend now of nature of product, not the not selling of it
fix = sql bug on update date (bis)
chg = better search display
2018-057.0.+1.8.3add = include OF on virtual stock
fix = sql bug on update date
2018-047.0.+1.8.2fix = index page with storage info
inf = Free Version Update
2018-037.0.+1.8.1fix = various 7.0 bugfix
fix = sql bug on factory table
2018-027.0.+1.8.0chg = 7.0 compatibility (entrepot.label changed to entrepot.ref)
fix = recursivity error 2
fix = error on createOF from factory order (bad date sql not null)
fix = extrafields error on project tabs
2018-016.0.+1.7.2fix = fk_user_modif field now needed
fix = product translation error
2017-126.0.+1.7.1fix = French error on translation
2017-096.0.+1.7.0chg = 6.0 Compatibility
2017-085.0.+1.6.5fix = Stock Movement good if OF qty product modifiy
chg = merge movement and rapport tab
chg = increase list and harmonisation of terms
chg = label on declinaison product creation
2017-075.0.+1.6.4fix = some change for multicompany compatibility
add = update price feature on OF card
2017-045.0.+1.6.3fix = button not present on final V5
fix = multiple capucin doc on setting page
fix = qty unit on equipement used is factorydet, not product_factory
2017-035.0.+1.6.2add = cost price origin may differ for product and service
fix = bad statut filter on draft
fix = error on class project not found
fix = button not present on final V5
fix = multiple capucin doc on setting page
2017-025.0.+1.6.1add = Factory Direct allowed even with no stock (setting)
add = new tabs on factory product card (composed list of OF)
add = new look on admin about page
add = information version on admin setup page
fix = Import OF, add import_key field in good table (product_factory)
2017-015.0.+1.6.0add = 5.0 compatibility
fix = Deleted product not movemented on stock
2016-124.0.+1.5.3fix = Import OF, add import_key field
fix = select_entrepot function remplaced by select_entrepot_list
2016-114.0.+1.5.2fix = costprice used in project too
add = Export OF, export and import components
add = different component price selection
2016-104.0.+1.5.1add = create OF’s from Orders, restock mode like
fix = global quantity not well managed
fix = cost price feature OK
2016-094.0.+1.5.0fix = bad url on factorybox
fix = document template folder change 4.0 compatibility
fix = increase size of OF number mask
2016-083.9.+1.4.4fix = error on OF price if Qty = 0
2016-073.9.+1.4.3add = xml min version of dolibarr feature
fix = add description on project movement
2016-063.9.+1.4.2add = search feature 3.9 in classic mode
add = allow mass line change
add = xml version changelog feature
fix = hookmanager addmorebutton suppressed on report page (conflict)
fix = value inversion on index page
2016-053.9.+1.4.1add = cost price feature (3.9)
add = batch/lot compatibility
fix = element link target is ‘factory’
2016-043.9.+1.4.0add = new search feature (3.9)
chg = access on declinaison and changeprice not only to admin
chg = 3.9 compatibility
chg = custom folder compatibility
2016-033.8.+1.3.5fix = Qty used automaticely compute varing qte made
add = Cloning feature
2016-023.8.+1.3.4fix = document module part error
fix = bad langage file in es_ES (german version inverted)
add = resources used linked to OF
chg = reorder cols of select component list (better ergonomy)
fix = bad pmp value on direct build
chg = declinaison refactoring for better perf
fix = pb with composition validation (with fourn enabled)
fix = bad composition in customer order generation
2015-113.8.+1.3.3add = add ref on class before call trigger on create
chg = minor change on pdf document models, better comming soon
chg = best management on factory area
fix = change definition on class for additionnal documents models
add = product extrafield infos fill composed product too (before only used product as component)
fix = bug if free product on order
2015-103.8.+1.3.2add = german translation
chg = english correction
fix = bad pmp send to stock
add = trigger on create and close OF
add = origin id on movement
fix = loosed product are returned on stock (qty error)
fix = duplicate mouvement on report when F5 pressed…
add = New stock movement tabs
2015-103.8.+1.3.1add = filter statut on list
add = New factory area (with stat soon)
chg = rename fiche.php to card.php
2015-093.8.+1.3.0add = Contact associate on OF
fix = better english translation
2015-093.7.+1.2.2add = add stock qty and desired on factory ordertabs
2015-083.7.+1.2.1add = checkbox to select product in composition
add = use extrafields product for description composition
add = create multiple OF on customer order
add = XML import / export feature (Experimental)
add = if on report qty build = 0 then status is canceled
add = get list of contact of warehouse for mailing OF
chg = increase size of 1 column of OF pdf
fix = documents folder wrong
chg = this->statut instead this->fk_statut for compatibility
2015-053.7.+1.2.0fix = Extrafields compatibility
add = myfields compatibility
2015-043.6.+1.1.5add = description on component
add = Qty used on Global
add = image preview of product
add = CRLF on descriptionQty used on Global
fix = some debugging
fix = send mail warning error
fix = update storage and qty planned on OF draft
2015-033.6.+1.1.4add = change price depending on composed product
2015-013.6.+1.1.3fix = create OF : hours locked
2014-123.6.+1.1.2chg = component stock movement are now made during validation of the OF (not create draft)
2014-113.6.+1.1.1add = multicompany feature
fix = declination enhancement
fix = pmp not well calculated
2014-103.6.+1.1.0add = object link template (tpl)
fix = document tabs error
2014-093.5.+1.0.1fix = bugs on declination, and add categories choice on setup (root, variant, catalog)
fix = icon on box error fixed
fix = add extrafields feature
fix = access error with multicompany module enabled
fix = include categorie class left on projecttask.php
2014-083.5.+1.0.0inf = Initial version