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2023-0918.0.+2.18.0chg = V18 Compatibility
2023-0417.0.+2.17.0chg = V17 Compatibility
2022-0816.0.+2.16.0chg = V16 and php V8 Compatibility
2022-0415.0.+2.15.2fix = $load extrasfield on management task class need for V15
fix = bad report project totalisation
2022-0215.0.+2.15.1fix = bad admin_project redirection
2022-0115.0.+2.15.0chg = V15 Compatibility
add = billing task qty better managed
2021-0814.0.+2.14.0chg = V14 Compatibility
add = periodic task feature
2021-0613.0.+2.13.3add = soleil management have report detail
add = badge indicator on report tab name
2021-0513.0.+2.13.2fix = extrafields on interventional report
2021-0413.0.+2.13.1add = convert interventional freeline on default service
2021-0213.0.+2.13.0chg = V13 Compatibility
fix = some contract fields suppressed
fix = project user management rules harmonisation
2020-0712.0.+2.12.0chg = V12 Compatibility
fix = some contract fields suppressed
2020-0311.0.+2.11.0chg = V11 Compatibility
fix = generate bill error
fix = interventional report error on V10 and more
fix = contract term error
add = use real hours instead decimal hours on time report
2019-1210.0.+2.10.1fix = add project filter in on fly project typing
2019-0910.0.+2.10.0chg = V10 Compatibility
2019-059.0.+2.9.3fix = Error on transfert time from project to bill
2019-049.0.+2.9.2fix = Add contract duration and intervention duration on soleil pdf
2019-029.0.+2.9.1fix = Fichinter reporting conflict with myPrint
2019-019.0.+2.9.0add = Project fill draft bill
2018-108.0.+2.8.1add = fichinter report move stock qty if product selected
chg = suppress old corechange
2018-098.0.+2.8.0chg = V8 compatibility
fix = update datee dateo error on interventional report
2018-067.0.+2.7.2fix = Fichinterrec is now a free module
2018-057.0.+2.7.1fix = Bad declaration on Period of Contract
2018-037.0.+2.7.0chg = V7 compatibility
fix = Minor change for introducing mySchedule module
2017-116.0.+2.6.2fix = error on contract list term to bill
fix = error calendar task
2017-096.0.+2.6.1chg = periodic module comptabitility (recurring interventional)
add =
2017-086.0.+2.6.0chg = dolibarr V6 compatibility
add = thirdparty service price used if multiprice enabled or by customer
2017-075.0.+2.5.6add = show company associated to project
fix = time add not only by project creator
2017-065.0.+2.5.5add = we can change subprice and vat on service associated to task
fix = minor fix and refactoring
2017-055.0.+2.5.4chg = only access to own project task
fix = display total bill on create it from project
add = new calculation bill on task (based on progress)
fix = project task access, major problem due of new habilitation level
add = introducing recurrence on interventional
2017-045.0.+2.5.3fix = listtimeweek monday not get correctly (us style)
add = New calendar mode (1 month = 1 line)
fix = listtime progress not saved
2017-035.0.+2.5.2fix = fichinter line function loose
fix = duration_effective field changed by task_duration
add = Generate project from proposal
chg = Display tasklabel instead taskref on listtime
2017-025.0.+2.5.1fix = fichinter line function loose
fix = Bad selection user on fling Time
add = new look on admin about page
add = information version on admin setup page
add = allow define default service on create task
2017-015.0.+2.5.0inf = 5.0 Compatibility
add = send contract by mail (4.0 and 5.0 only)
add = Entry of monthly times in part of days
2016-124.0.+2.4.1fix = inversion on cloture button of interventionnal
fix = term of contrat error on create (fields name key changed)
fix = old agenda vue for > 4.0 too
add = new intervention close statut : not to bill
2016-094.0.+2.4.0inf = 4.0 Compatibility
2016-073.9.+2.3.4fix = Error on create bill if task have no service associated
fix = admin icon menu
add = xml dolibarr version changelog feature
fix = interventional report remise_percent predef changed on 3.9
2016-063.9.+2.3.3fix = fill timespent_datehour in listtime
add = xml version changelog feature
2016-053.9.+2.3.2add = fichinter models management
fix = error on reportprojet ambigus fields
add = contract term next period date sugestion from setting
fix = bad url on create bill from contact
2016-043.9.+2.3.1chg = custom folder compatibility
chg = 3.9 compatibility
2016-033.9.+2.3.0add = change statut of task with trigger with timespend add/update/delete
2015-123.8.+2.2.2add = fichinter datei = date of close report
fix = fichinter rapport hook rules change
2015-113.8.+2.2.1add = access right on task and project price
fix = correct some bug with other user than admin
add = display task label on billproject page
fix = task status updated on create task trigger
fix = time billed with fk_facture=0 not used on sumtimebilled
fix = some errot on fichinter calendar view
2015-103.8.+2.2.0add = time passed billing mode
add = predefined billing mode task (planned, made or passed)
add = get text_note on monthly keyin
add = transfert project on bill depending billing mode
2015-063.7.+2.1.0fix = ThirdParty vs Society 3.7 compatibility
add = show/hide week-end on month type
fix = trigger error on monthly keyin
2015-053.6.+2.0.5add = report can be filtered by customer
add = progress can be change during monthly report
add = additionnal lign on monthly report for detail of task
fix = extrafields error during intervention transfert to bill
fix = include contract error during bill generation based on contact term
2015-043.6.+2.0.4fix = bad filtering in month (forgot year filter)
add = better acces right project management
2015-033.6.+2.0.3add = 1click additional time on task
fix = contract bugs correction
chg = better project and task report display (title and orange background)
2015-013.6.+2.0.2fix = minor fix and core integration
add = terms contract bill generator
2015-013.6.+2.0.1fix = bgcolor in total ligne error
fix = calendar habilitation fail
fix = corechange error on bill
3.6.+2.0.0inf = Initial version after projet V2 ( 1.x.x)