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2023-0818.0.+2.4.0chg = V18 Compatibility
2023-0417.0.+2.3.0chg = V17 Compatibility
2022-0816.0.+2.2.0chg = V16 and php V8 Compatibility
2021-1215.0.+2.1.0chg = V14 Compatibility
chg = V15 compatibility
add = add tabs on product and thirdparty to follow booking
add = mouvp change for V15
2021-0313.0.+2.0.0chg = Major Version
add = Management of product availability step by step
2021-0213.0.+1.6.0chg = V13 Compatibility
2020-0612.0.+1.5.0chg = V12 Compatibility
2020-0311.0.+1.4.0chg = V11 Compatibility
2019-0910.0.+1.3.0fix = V10 Compatibility
2019-059.0.+1.2.0fix = V9 Compatibility
2018-037.0.+1.1.1fix = Setting problem if only one storage
2018-027.0.+1.1.0inf = V7 compatibility (entrepot ref vs label)
2018-016.0.+1.0.0inf = First Release