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2023-0918.0.+3.11.1add = Display Small Second
fix = Better Big Date Display
2023-0818.0.+3.11.0add = Display Big Date
inf = V18 compatibility
2023-0317.0.+3.10.0inf = V17 compatibility
2022-0616.0.+3.9.0inf = V16 and PHPV8 compatibility
2022-0315.0.+3.8.1add = support Ukrain Flag
2022-0215.0.+3.8.0inf = V15 compatibility
fix = no error if objectId not set on log
2021-0714.0.+3.7.0inf = V14 compatibility
inf = PHP 8 welcome
2020-1213.0.+3.6.0inf = V13 compatibility
fix = better vertical display calc
2020-0612.0.+3.5.0inf = V12 compatibility
fix = no error if breadcump not fill
2020-0211.0.+3.4.0inf = V11 compatibility
2019-0810.0.+3.3.1add = Add skip check version of patas monkey modules (setting)
add = MyClock can be display on top left menu (setting)
add = MyClock can start directly from breadCrump (setting)
2019-0610.0.+3.3.0inf = V10 compatibility
2018-129.0.+3.2.0inf = V9 compatibility
2018-088.0.+3.1.0inf = V8 compatibility
fix = bad hook resprint management with customtooltip, now clean
fix = adjusting size of calc for V8
2018-067.0.+3.0.0add = (Major) introduce Calculator
2018-057.0.+2.0.1fix = bad naming history table if case sensitive
2018-047.0.+2.0.0inf = Introducing breadcrump (Major)
2018-037.0.+1.3.0inf = V7 compatibility OK
2017-055.0.+1.2.1fix = pb with tooltip on boxmenu
2017-025.0.+1.2.0chg = 5.0 compatibility
add = new look on admin about page
add = information version on admin setup page
2016-073.9.+1.1.1add = xml version changelog feature
chg = myClock modules menu move to patas-tools section
2015-113.8.+1.0.1chg = Final Feature
chg = Reordering setting box page
2015-103.7.+1.0.0inf = Initial version
2015-094.0.+1.2.0chg = 4.0 compatibility
2015-043.9.+1.1.0chg = 3.9 and custom folder compatibility
chg = some better display with new theme